Our Team

Will The Dad – Owner/Contributor

Lifelong Baltimore sports fanatic. Founder of the #purplepants movement. Inventor of Power Rankings. Vehement Defender of Data. Resident fashion blogger. Pizza expert. Guardian of Thanksgiving.

Max Mikado – Editor-in-Chief

I am a former indie wrestling broadcaster, with over a decade of experience in writing and media production. I am primarily in charge of editing and talent development, and also cover the Baltimore Ravens.

Banned Drew – Gambling/Ban Enforcement

I’m a Ravens fan living in Boston, helping you support your local bookies by giving you gambling advice. Step out of line and you will get banned.

Michael Telford – Founder/Contributor

I have been writing about the Baltimore Ravens, and the NFL in general, for about a decade now. I’m a displaced fan, living in Florida with my fiancé, Kelly. You won’t always agree with what I write, or tweet, or say, but that’s what makes it fun!

Jake Miller – Fantasy Football

A man. With eyes, nose, a mouth, and two hands. When I’m not playing with wires during the day, I immerse myself in football. Specifically fantasy football and the Ravens. My opinions are my own. I’ve been playing fantasy football for 12 years now, and I’ve been told once or twice I ought to broadcast my opinions; whether they be poignant or nonsensical to a wider audience than current or former coworkers.