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Michael Telford

I have been writing about the Baltimore Ravens, and the NFL in general, for about a decade now. I’m a displaced fan, living in Florida with my fiancé, Kelly. You won’t always agree with what I write, or tweet, or say, but that’s what makes it fun!

Gordon McGuinness


***** Fantastic pod for Ravens fans

It is absolutely wild to me that I can listen through 5 national, NFL-wide podcasts by industry pros and still get much, much less actual position analysis than I do from NZI.

Great podcast by people who know their football well but who still act and talk like just a group of great friends having fun.


***** Ravens news from real fans

Chibs, Cole and Adam are real fans. Not some jokers who sit on tv and act like they like football for a paycheck. These are guys like the rest of us who will die as Ravens fans. Cole gives us real insight into offensive line play. Not the usual oh he blocked well, he explains technique and why we should be excited about some of our young guys. When Adam is there he just adds a good dynamic that goes well with Chibs. And speaking of our awesome Irish sons of anarchy host what’s there to not like about Chibs? He gives real opinions that are usually uncut and raw. He breaks down why our Dbs are so good, and unlike most of you smucks he always put respect on my boy B. Carr’s name. Like I said this is a podcast for true fans and they’re not gonna tell you what you wanna hear but what you need to hear.


Neutral Zone Infraction: Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns Preview

In this episode, Gordon McGuinness is nowhere to be found, so Michael is joined by RavensWire’s Kevin Oestreicher. They discuss the Thursday Night Football opener, and then discuss the matchup between the Ravens and Browns. Be sure to subscribe and leave a review on Spotify or iTunes!

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Neutral Zone Infraction: Episode Four

In the flagship podcast of this website, Gordon McGuinness and Michael Telford will discuss the NFL Top 100 rankings, as well as the position battles to watch for in Training Camp for the Baltimore Ravens. Be sure to subscribe on Spotify or iTunes, and leave a review!

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