Banned Drew Mocks Grant’s Mock Draft

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Editor’s Note: Grant has declared himself our resident NFL Draft Guru and insisted upon demonstrating his mastery of scouting with a mock draft. Drew took exception to this self-appointed title, and was able to gain access to the drafts folder where he methodically picked apart Grant’s so-called NFL Draft expertise. We may have a budding rivalry on our hands.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars – Trevor Lawrence – QB, Clemson

Grant: Lawrence is a lock for 1. Teams have been waiting for him to come out of college ever since his magical freshman season at Clemson.  Urban Meyer has to be licking his chops with this pick. 

Drew: Thankfully for Grant the first two picks of the draft have been spoon fed to him by mainstream media. Lawrence will be the pick.


2. New York Jets – Zach Wilson – QB, BYU

Grant: The Jets have a lot of work to do.  Joe Douglas gets a fresh start and has capital to build. The most important piece? Stability at the QB position.  I personally think Fields is a better prospect. But, I’m not drafting, the Jets are.

Drew: Grant gets the extra grade here for correctly identifying that he is not drafting, the Jets are. Astute analysis that people might forget.


3. San Francisco 49ers – Justin Fields – QB, OSU

Grant: Nothing to say here, besides….. Don’t F*@& this up. I am looking at you, Shanahan & Lynch

Drew: Kyle Shanahan is good at one thing, choking the no brainer situations. You’re expecting the guy who traded up to 3 with Mac Jones in mind to make the right pick? That’s almost as funny as expecting him to close out a double digit 4th quarter Super Bowl lead. Trey Lance is the pick here.


4. Atlanta Falcons – Kyle Pitts – TE, Florida

Grant: Choo! Choo! Here comes the hype train.  If I am the Falcons I trade back, but with the recent news of Julio being on the trade block.  In comes a prospect some view as a moveable piece with elite athleticism. Atlanta also needs to clear cap if they want to sign their draft picks. 

Drew: No argument here. Pitts is the best player in the draft, Falcons would be dumb to pass this opportunity up.


5. Cincinnati Bengals – Penei Sewell – OT, Oregon

Grant: Cincy has a young star at the quarterback position. However, the OL was so bad in 2020, that we saw their new QB get destroyed.  Game after game, he was getting smacked around. The lack of an offensive line caused a serious knee injury. Now, the Bengals can write their wrongs and establish a future. 

Drew: Right player, right rationale…starting to think Grant had some help with this.


6. *TRADE* Los Angeles Chargers – Rashawn Slater – OT, Northwestern

Grant: The first trade of my mock is to go up and get a bouncer.  Slater is a flat out stud. There are some tackle needy teams lurking and LA has to protect their 2nd year future star in Herbert. The Chargers were reportedly in on Orlando Brown Jr. Tackle is a priority.

Drew: Dolphins passing on Ja’Marr Chase in this economy? I don’t hate the idea from the Chargers standpoint, but there’s a reason the Dolphins moved back up from 12 to 6 and it’s because they covet one of these top pass catchers.


7. Detroit Lions – Ja’Marr Chase – WR, LSU

Grant: My favorite prospect this year.  Chase is everything you want in a WR. He gives me straight up Julio Jones vibes.  The Lions have some other glaring needs, but losing Golliday and Marvin Jones? They need help. Chase is the man to do that. Lions could move up for him. If so I look at a trade with Cincinnati at 5. 

Drew: “This is my favorite prospect”…mocks him to the team where top WRs go to die. Chase won’t be on the board at 7, and given the fact Lance/Jones are still on the board in this scenario I don’t think the Lions will be picking here. Not an F, but close.


8. Carolina Panthers – Devonta Smith – WR, Alabama

Grant: Matt Rhule and the Panthers brought in Sam Darnold to be the QB.  The Panthers have one of my favorite young defenses. They could add to the Offensive Line, but I think they can get a Day 1 starter in a later round. Go ahead and grab the Heisman winner. Solidify that offense. Adding Smith to Anderson, Moore, and McCaffrey, would be scary.

Drew: Smith is a great player, slotting him on offense with Robby Anderson/DJ Moore/CMC would be really helpful to Sam Darnold, but I think OL is the move here for Carolina. Not a bad pick, just not the right one.


9. Denver Broncos – Trey Lance – QB, North Dakota State University

Grant: The Drew Lock experience is over.  The Broncos select Lance here, a physical specimen with a cannon.  He runs behind his pads and makes good decisions.  Big cold weather guy slinging the rock at Mile High, just sounds right. 

Drew: Grant sent me his picks prior to Denver acquiring Teddy Bridgewater, I’m not going to crush him for thinking the Broncos were in the QB market. Instead I’m just wondering if Grant has ever looked into the QBs that John Elway has signed/drafted. There are qWHITE a lot of similarities, and Mac Jones fits that profile.


10. Dallas Cowboys – Patrick Surtain II – CB, Alabama

Grant: Dallas needs major help on the outsides. Grabbing a top corner that is pro ready prospect. Surtain II can be the man, and Jerry should make him the man. 

Drew: This might be the second biggest lock of the draft behind Lawrence going #1


11. *TRADE* New England Patriots – Mac Jones – QB, Alabama 

Grant: Billy B makes the move and gets an accurate pro ready QB. Mac isn’t flashy, but he gets the job done.  He throws a beautiful ball and probably has some of the best accuracy in this crop of QBs. 

Drew: The 49ers are going to draft a QB and release or trade Jimmy G. You think Belichick is giving up draft capital to draft a guy who’s ceiling is Jimmy G when the actual Jimmy G will be on the market for peanuts? I know Bill is a bit of an unorthodox GM, but the man has 6 rings, show some respect.


12. Philadelphia Eagles – Micah Parsons – LB, Penn State

Grant: Philly goes out and keeps the PSU linebacker close.  Micah Parsons is a physical freak. He has some things to clean up in his game, but his ceiling is high. The long time projected top 10 prospect stays in PA.

Drew: I’m giving this a D because taking potentially the best defensive player in the draft at 12 can’t really be argued with. However if Howie Roseman doesn’t take a WR with this pick the Philly degenerates will burn down the city by Friday morning. Lack of situational awareness is not a great look Grant.


13. **TRADE** Miami Dolphins via LAC – Christian Barmore – iDL, Alabama

Grant: One word…..Beast.  He really came on late at the end of the season and wreaked havoc in the College Football Playoff.  Some might think this is high for him. I think it’s just right. The clear cut top interior defensive lineman in this year’s class.  Beef up the front 7 in Flores’ defense.  

Drew: Dolphins are just magically going to acquire another 1st round pick, you think they’re magicians or something? I don’t hate the player, I don’t hate the need, but get a hold of yourself here. Next thing you know you’re going to be sending a 32 pick mock draft where the Dolphins magically have all the picks.


14. Minnesota Vikings – Christian Darrisaw- OT, Virginia Tech

Grant: Minnesota needs to fix their offensive line, and now.  They get a solid anchor at LT for the future and start the rebuild. Imagine what Dalvin Cook could do with a decent Offensive Line. 

Drew: I have the same thing in my mock so as much as I would love to make fun of Grant, I can’t here.


15. New York Giants – Jaylen Waddle – WR, Alabama 

Grant: Waddle ‘falls’ to 15 here. Giants are able to trade back and still add a pass catcher.  Let’s be real, they need a QB. But, that isn’t going to happen.  Enter Waddle. A blazing receiver that has drawn comps to Tyreek Hill. He is explosive and if you blink, he is by you.  A solid compliment to Golladay and having Saquon back could set up for an interesting offense. 

Drew: I have the Giants taking Waddle at 11. This magical scenario where the Pats move up to 11 to take Mac Jones won’t happen and Grant is a lunatic for suggesting that, but we agree on who the Giants are taking.


16. Arizona Cardinals – Jaycee Horn – CB, South Carolina 

Grant: Hey! Bet you all didn’t know that he is Joe Horn’s son? Nah? Haven’t heard that ten thousand times yet? Anyways, this is my favorite corner in the draft. Horn is a dawg and can matchup man to man, then neutralize a playmaker.  See what he did to Pitts? Locked him down. 

Drew: Jaycee Horn’s parentage is well kept of a secret as Mahomes’ dad playing in the MLB. Fully agree on the Horn pick here. Fast enough to lock down a guy like Metcalf, strong enough to lock down a guy like Kittle. Add in the fact that Patrick Peterson is in Minnesota now and this pick makes too much sense.


17. Las Vegas Raiders – Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah – LB/SS, Notre Dame

Grant: Enter, the heat seeking missile that is JOK. Young JOK, is a menace on the field and his closing speed and impact reminds me of the football I miss from before it got soft.  I love his game and I think having him in the middle of your defense is a good centerpiece. Versatility is key. 

Drew: Right idea for Gus Bradley’s new toy on defense, but the wrong guy. While JOK is great, I think Zaven Collins is the move here.


18. Miami Dolphins – Alijah Vera-Tucker – OT, USC

Grant: Miami just recently traded Erick Flowers to the WFT which leaves a hole on the offensive line.  Vera-Tucker is a bully and fills an immediate need on the Dolphins line. He has versatility and can play either guard or tackle. Tackle is the spot, though. 

Drew: If Vera-Tucker falls to 18 then I could definitely see him being the pick, but I don’t think he lasts this long. Also still triggered that you think Miami can just acquire first round picks at will.


19. Washington Football Team – Rashod Bateman – WR, Minnesota

Grant: I can hear all of Ravens Flock screaming in agony.  Bateman is my 5th ranked WR in this class, but he fits what Washington does on offense. He is also a great compliment to Terry McLaurin.  Bateman is the type of WR, I can see Rivera leaning towards.

Drew: Throwing my purple lenses here, and looking at this from an objective fan point of view, this is still a terrible pick. Personally I think JOK is here at 19 and that’s who WFT takes, but I’m fairly confident in saying they’ll continue to build up that front 7 and not go offense here.


20. Chicago Bears – Greg Newsome II – CB, Northwestern

Grant: I love this pick. It keeps Newsome in the Midwest and it gives the Bears a chance to beef up their secondary.  Newsome is the 1B to my 1A in Jaycee Horn.  Newsome, like Horn will put the clamps on a WR.  

Drew: The Bears offensive line consists of blocking dummies, they have Andy Dalton playing QB, but yea they’re going to pick a corner…sike what are you thinking? I think Kellen Mond, Mac Jones or Kyle Trask are destined to be picked here, but you also have Teven Jenkins still on the board. Newsome is a good player, he won’t be playing in Chicago next year.


21. Indianapolis Colts – Teven Jenkins – OT, Oklahoma State

Grant: Colts got a new toy under center in Carson Wentz. Wentz has some issues staying between the lines.  Colts have a solid young defense that could use some pieces.  In this instance, they can’t pass up on Jenkins. He is solid OT and I LOVE how he finishes blocks. 

Drew: Teven Jenkins would be a great pick, but ultimately he doesn’t last until 21 and the Colts will end up with Kwity Paye to replace Autry/Houston.


22. Tennessee Titans – Kwity Paye – Edge, Michigan

Grant: This just makes too much sense.  Vrabel loves his defense.  Clowney did not work out as planned, but now he gets his edge rusher.  Paye is the top OLB in the draft.  He is relentless and will take an OT off his feet.  Titans could go WR here (Toney is one to look out for) but I don’t think you can pass on Paye here. 

Drew: Did Bud Dupree die? The Titans already replaced Clowney with Dupree, not to mention Paye is a DE/DT. The pick here is going to be a slot WR, specifically Elijah Moore. You’re getting a C instead of an F because I am a Michigan homer and love Kwity Paye.


23. New York Jets – Asante Samuel Jr. – CB, Florida State

Grant: The Jets have some holes to fill.  They grabbed their QB with Wilson.  Now, let’s work on the backend of the defense.  Asante Samuel Jr. has the bloodline and the skills to be a focal point in the backend of the defense. QUARTERback with the 1st pick and now CORNERback with the 2nd. 

Drew: In my world, reality, Greg Newsome is still on the board and is the pick here. Right position, wrong player.


24. Pittsburgh Steelers – Najee Harris – RB, Alabama

Grant: I hate this so much. I do not want Harris to be in Pittsburgh.  However, in order for this offense to move and Big Ben to operate, they need a ground game.  Down the stretch they had virtually no ground game and their 11-0 record, sh*t the bed quick.  It may be a reach, and they need a lot of other holes to fill (QB) but Harris is the pick. 

Drew: I am grading this pick an A because I would be thrilled if Harris fell the Steelers and they took him instead a pass rusher to replace Bud Dupree. Steelers have proven with James Conner’s previous success that they can slot in pretty much anyone at RB and still have a good run game, so neglecting actual needs for a flashy pick would be ideal for me as someone who wants to watch the Steelers suffer.


25. Jacksonville Jaguars – Trevon Moehrig – S, TCU

Grant: The top safety of the draft is off the board at 25.  I am interested to see what position goes first, Safety or Running Back, in this year’s draft.  Moehrig is the pick. Jacksonville is in a rebuild mode and the way Moehrig can play in space and diagnosis of plays is a good start. 

Drew: Moehrig is a great player, defense is definitely the way Jacksonville will go with this pick, but I think you’ll see someone on the defensive line here. Urban Meyer has long been a fan of the “win in the trenches” mentality, and I think he’ll opt to have as much talent as he can get up front and let the back end work itself out.


26. Cleveland Browns – Jaelan Phillips – Edge, Miami

Grant: Phillips has some injury concerns, primarily leaving football due to concussions.  However, Phillips had a strong campaign last year.  The Browns don’t have too many holes to fill on the current roster, why not take BPA.  They signed Clowney, but he can’t be depended on.  Phillips would create depth and allow a rotation of rushers until he is ready to bookend with Myles Garrett. 

Drew: I was torn between Moehrig and Phillips at this spot for the Browns, in your clearly incorrect fantasy world you’ve built Moehrig is not available, so I can’t trash this pick. I can only mention that Moehrig would be the better and more likely pick.


27. Baltimore Ravens – Azeez Ojulari – Edge, Georgia

Grant: Baltimore needs a pit bull coming off the edge.  Ojulari is just that. He gets knocks for his size off the edge, but the way he utilizes his strength, leverage, and flexibility is a thing of beauty.  His motor doesn’t stop.  He would be a great compliment to the front seven.  Some knee concerns have come up, but odd timing.  Sounds like a smoke screen to me. 

Drew: Ojulari would be a good fit for the Ravens, but Rashod Bateman will be the 27th overall pick. As a Ravens fan we need to speak that into existence, and I’m disappointed in you for not doing so. Complete neglect of your responsibility as a real journalist to the #RavensFlock.


28. New Orleans Saints – Zaven Collins – LB, Tulsa

Grant: Collins is a large off ball linebacker.  I was a little surprised he weighed in at 270.  He still ran well and timed well.  Collins is a versatile piece across a front seven.  New Orleans has a stout defensive line and adding Collins to the second level would be a smart addition.  WR could be an option. But, the Saints need help on defense. 

Drew: Saints definitely need help on defense, I personally think Asante Samuel Jr is available here and that’s who the Saints go with, but I cant hate the logic of Collins.


29. Green Bay Packers – Kadarius Toney – WR, Florida

Grant: Playmaker, Playmaker, Playmaker.  My comp for Kadarius Toney is Antonio Brown.  Play style is very similar, but Toney is harder to tackle.  (Not saying he is going to be as good, so chill out) One of my favorite WRs in this draft.  Toney has sure hands, he plucks the ball out of the air and doesn’t wait for it to come to him.  He runs crisp routes and accelerates out of his breaks. Finally, he runs pissed off and I love it. Davonte Adams gets help and Aaron Rodgers smiles ear to ear. 

Drew: So much to unpack here, so lets get into it. First and foremost, Kadarius Toney is Percy Harvin 2.0, it is straight up disrespectful to Antonio Brown to make this comparison. Second, did you not watch Kevin King get absolutely demolished in the NFC Championship game? Everyone saw it, and with Caleb Farley still on the board he is the obvious pick. Aaron Rodgers can run an efficient offense with mediocre WRs, Aaron Rodgers cant play defense.


30. Buffalo Bills – Gregory Rousseau – Edge, Miami

Grant: Rousseau took last season off and has been getting disrespected for it.  Anyone that doesn’t believe in what Rousseau can do, simply hasn’t watched him enough.  Not to mention an insane 10 yd split that beat out elite WRs.  Rousseau is young and raw in talent.  Getting into a good situation on a fast and fluid defense would do him well.  Buffalo gets a steal at 30.

I agree that Buffalo goes pass rusher here, I personally have them taking Jaelen Phillips because he is a more polished player that could step in and make a difference from Day 1.


31. Baltimore Ravens – Dyami Brown – WR, UNC

Grant: Fans are going to think this a reach. It’s not.  Dyami Brown is a superstar in the making. He does not possess elite quickness but he gains separation and runs phenomenal routes.  The way he can be utilized and succeed on the outside as an ‘X’ makes a lot of sense in Baltimore.  Ravens fans would soon fall in love with his game.  Dyami Brown plays a lot like a former Raven favorite in Derrick Mason on the outside.  

Drew: If Bateman is off the board by the time the Ravens pick, I am firmly in the Brown over Marshall camp. I don’t think this pick is a reach as it fills a legitimate need, and the lack of speed isn’t an issue since the results and the separation are there.


32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Levi Onwuzurike – iDL, Washington

Grant: The Buccaneers have a luxury.  They brought back all their starters from the super bowl winning team. I can’t remember that ever happening.  The luxury is, they don’t have many holes to fill. Where they are thin at, is DL.  They could look to trade back to accumulate capital, but for the sake of the mock, I have them selecting Onwuzurike out of Washington.  He’s an immediate contributor and pairs perfectly with another former Husky, in Vita Vea. 

Drew: I am giving this pick a C because I hate that the Bucs have brought everyone back and I’m angry seeing it in writing. I think they go Etinne here because a young pass catching RB would be a luxury, but I’m still mad that 87 year old Tom Brady is going to get carried by an elite supporting cast again.



In Grant’s fantasy world, the 49ers make the right pick at QB, the Dolphins just magically acquire a 3rd pick in the first round, Kadarius Toney is the next best WR of this generation, the Bears are comfortable with Andy Dalton and no offensive line to start the year, and Philadelphia will be wiped from existence after Thursday night’s pick. There is some sound logic and analysis sprinkled throughout Grant’s picks, but I can’t feel comfortable giving him anything above a C.


Please feel free to share your thoughts on Grant’s picks as well as my own or my grading system on Twitter. I look forward to watching Grant get destroyed. He’s a nice guy and I went pretty easy on him; I hope the public is not as kind.

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