Cleveland Browns Week 15 Preview: New York Giants

If there was any chance of a good bounce back game for the Cleveland Browns, this would be it. The New York Giants have a top-tier defense, but their offense is very mediocre, especially with Giants quarterback Daniel Jones expected to miss the game. This has potential for a trap game, however, so let’s get into what the Browns can do to come out on top.

Clock Management

After a ridiculous game in Week 14, this may be a time to be less aggressive and stay more on the side of staying healthy. This team has all the talent to go up multiple scores and drain the clock, but with a top-level defense in the Giants, wearing them down seems to be the way to go. Leonard Williams is a force on the defensive line along with Dexter Lawrence, so if the Browns can wear them down, it should be smooth sailing.

Force Turnovers

Even though Jones is not playing, Colt McCoy is not much better and can be taken advantage of. If left tackle Andrew Thomas has another rough game, it should leave room and plenty of opportunity for strip-sacks or quarterback hurries for Myles Garrett and Olivier Vernon that could lead to turnovers. With Denzel Ward making his return as well, it boosts a weak secondary that can hopefully capitalize with interceptions or solid play for this game and down the stretch.

Stay Disciplined

Eight penalties for 75 yards last week. Not great, but the team is young, so because of that and also with how well the offense performed, they get a slight benefit of the doubt. But, in order for this to not turn into a trap game, the Browns will need to be smart and keep the mistakes to a minimum. If they do, it’s smooth sailing, if not… then the team will need to find a way to address it before the playoffs.

Final Thoughts and Score Prediction

There really shouldn’t be any way the Browns truly lose this game. The offense is playing lights out and the defense is getting healthy at the right time. The Giants are missing their best quarterback along with other offensive troubles, and defense only gets you so far in today’s NFL.

Final: Browns 34, Giants 20

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