Jets: Should Gang Green Hire Bill Cowher?

According to former Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason, there’s a chance that former Steelers head coach Bill Cowher could land the opening if Adam Gase is fired.

The question is, should the Jets consider the Hall of Fame head coach? Let’s look at the positives and negatives of hiring Cowher.


Cowher checks all the right boxes for the next Jets head coach. He’s a proven former head coach. He can not only build but remain successful for the long-haul.

Cowher is also in select company. He’s one of seven coaches in the Super Bowl era to win 60% of his games at 50+ games above 0.500, win 10+ playoff games, and a Super Bowl.

Cowher would immediately command the respect of the players in the locker room. With such a resume, he’d be a good hire.


There are two glaring negatives.

Cowher left the game in 2006. The game has changed a lot since he left. He would have to adapt his philosophy to the new throwing era with mobile quarterbacks.

In addition to that, he will be 64 years old by the time the 2021 season starts. Sure, coaches like Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll are older, but being out of the grind of coaching and being 64 is much different than being almost 70 and doing it everyday.

Let’s also not forget, Esiason is close with the Jets brass and is friends with Bill Cowher. This could be a play on two fronts: the Jets could be using him as a mouthpiece to get other coaches interested — especially considering the reputation the organization has — and Cowher could be using this as leverage for more money from CBS.

In the end, the Jets haven’t had a head coach with a resume like Cowher’s since Bill Parcells. If he’s genuinely interested in the job, they should absolutely consider it. It’s highly unlikely he would step out of the comfortable confines of CBS to coach in the NFL, though.

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