Jets: Five Coaches to Avoid When Replacing Adam Gase

Adam Gase’s seat is presumably no longer hot. Rather, he likely no longer has a seat with the Jets, and they’re just waiting for the season to end.

There’s been plenty of talk about who the Jets should hire. Jim Harbaugh, Todd Monken, Eric Bieniemy, Don “Wink” Martindale, Robert Saleh, and many others have been bantered about.

There are plenty of good names. However, what about another list of candidates? Who should the Jets absolutely avoid?

Let’s take a look.

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Greg Roman

Roman was on a list of top candidates earlier this season. However, with the Ravens offense sliding, maybe it’s time for us to cool off on him. While he did well in 2019, now the league has caught up, and he hasn’t adjusted well. This might be a disaster waiting to happen if the Jets were to hire Roman.

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Bill O’Brien

We will be in a situation like Adam Gase was when the Jets hired him. Bill O’Brien is a much better coach than Gase, but he ruined things as the Texans GM by trading key pieces away and leaving the team with a bare cupboard in the draft. O’Brien should go backward before getting another shot as an NFL head coach, but he will get another opportunity.

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Doug Pederson

Pederson has a Super Bowl on his resume. However, the Eagles are on a serious downturn, and Carson Wentz is regressing. The Jets shouldn’t take the risk of ruining another young quarterback. Like O’Brien, Pederson should take a step back or a year off before getting another opportunity.

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Joe Brady

Some people are outside-the-box thinkers. Some are also people who swing for the fences. The Jets are not in a position to swing for the fences with an all-or-nothing approach. Brady has shown to know what he’s doing in his first year as an NFL offensive coordinator, but he’s only been coaching for seven years. Now is not the right time for the Jets to make this type of move. They need to get it right.

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Anthony Lynn

Lynn has gotten to the playoffs. However, he’s also under 0.500 as head coach of the Chargers. If the Chargers let him go, this is another immediate re-hire the Jets should avoid, and that’s despite the level of play from Justin Herbert. The close losses are usually on the head coach, and that’s unfortunate. Lynn will need to prove himself again.

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