Cleveland Browns Week 13 Preview: Tennessee Titans

From one AFC South team to the next, the 8-3 Cleveland Browns get ready to take on the 8-3 Tennessee Titans and their offense led by Derrick Henry and their hard-hitting defense. This game has more immediate playoff implications for the Titans than the Browns, but it doesn’t take away from the fact the Browns need this win to stay ahead of the Baltimore Ravens in seeding.

Now, let’s get into what the team needs to do to win this matchup.

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Eliminate the King

Henry was the leading rusher last season and looks to be on pace to do so again this year. If there is any week to step it up against the run, it’s this week. Myles Garrett is coming back off the COVID-19 list and that should help, but this defense needs to stay on its ‘A’ game to stand a chance at stopping Henry. This goes for the defensive line and linebackers mostly, because if Henry makes it to the secondary… oh dear.

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Pressure the Quarterback

The Titans offense thrives on play-action, and to keep them from being successful, the defense needs to pressure, hit, and sack Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill and keep him uncomfortable in the pocket. Every quarterback that gets pressured and hit, begins to lose trust in their offensive line, which leads to mistakes. The Browns need to be able to create those mistakes and capitalize.

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Dominate the Clock

The Titans offense is built to control the clock if needed. What the Browns offense needs to do is beat them to it. With the best backfield in football, consisting of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, the Browns offense can easily run the football and take up as much time as possible, as long as it results in points.

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Final Thoughts and Score Prediction

Overall, I don’t have a great feeling about this game, especially with how the run defense was looking in Week 12. It feels like it’ll be a long day for this Browns team on the ground. I could be wrong, however, but that will have to wait until the final whistle.

Final score: Titans 28, Browns 20

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