Cleveland Browns Week 12: Right, Wrong, and WTF

Not exactly how we wished the game was won, but a win is a win and the Cleveland Browns are 8-3 and are one more win away from their first winning record since 2007!

Since the game was closer than expected, there’s definitely a few questions to be addressed regarding this team.

Now, let’s get into what exactly went Right, Wrong, and honestly, WTF with this game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

What Went Right

The offense, for the most part, played a very good game.

Baker Mayfield was mostly accurate — outside of a few questionable passes — and threw two touchdown passes for the first time in four weeks, which is always nice to see. Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt continued to do what they do best, with Chubb having another game with 100+ rushing yards and a touchdown, and Hunt with 50+ rushing on top of that.

The offensive line held up very well for most of the game — especially during the second half — only allowing two sacks. Mayfield spread the ball around, but his favorite target, Jarvis Landry, made the most of his opportunities; more on Landry later.

The defense made plays throughout the game, but overall, underwhelmed against the Jaguars offense. Shockingly, the one bright spot was Andrew Sendejo breaking up a potential touchdown pass in the end zone that, in hindsight, was one of the game-changing plays.

The defense did disappoint, however, and this is when we get into…

What Went Wrong

The one wrong the offense really had was Harrison Bryant‘s fumble to begin the third quarter. As a rookie, it can be chalked up to a rookie mistake; but in the NFL, one mistake can lead to losing your job, and I know practicing ball security is on Bryant’s to-do list this week.

Mayfield missed a few open throws; one was an egregious overthrow to a wide open receiver in the end zone, but at this point, nothing will convince me that that Mayfield is anything but another guy.

What went really wrong this week was the defense, and we’ll start with the run defense. It was rough… they made James Robinson look like Chubb! Robinson is a very capable back, but allowing 127 rushing yards and a touchdown, while knowing he’s one of the major pieces to the Jaguars offense, is extremely disappointing. Also, the lack of pressure and zero sacks on Mike Glennon was another huge disappointment. Now, Myles Garrett was out for the game but that excuse can only be acceptable for so long. Glennon looked like a decent quarterback on the field against this defense and that is another bullet point on the list of disappointments this week for the defense.

Now, let’s get into…


Jarvis. Landry.

My goodness, he came to play today and his chemistry with Mayfield continues to show with his eight catches, 132 receiving yards and — finally — his first touchdown of the year.

Landry has been an underrated player for this Browns offense since he joined, and it’s always nice to see him ball out. Now, a negative WTF is Mayfield’s missed touchdown. I don’t know if it was his footwork, or the angle or what, but that pass should never have been overthrown as it was. Inexcusable miss that is being overshadowed due to Kevin Stefanski’s scheme and the fact that the Browns are consistently winning.

If Mayfield stays on that course, he won’t be re-signed by this team in the future. At least he still has his commercials… right?

Regardless of the score, the Browns are now 8-3 and firmly in place to make the playoffs.

Up next is the Tennessee Titans, and luckily, Myles Garrett will be back to hopefully put a stop to Derrick Henry.

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