Cleveland Browns Week 12 Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving, because now it’s onto Week 12.

The home stretch before the postseason begins and this Cleveland Browns team has a good match up against the 1-9 Jacksonville Jaguars. Regardless of record, it’s any given Sunday, so the Browns will need to stay prepared, and here’s how.

Pressure the Quarterback

Mike Glennon will be the starter against the Browns this week, and that’s the best case scenario. He’s a veteran but is also a career backup for a reason. Put Glennon under pressure and the defense should be able to force plenty of mistakes, or incompletions at the least. On the other hand, the Browns offensive line is playing at a high level this season, and outside of Josh Allen on the Jaguars defensive line, they shouldn’t have much trouble protecting Baker Mayfield.

Third Down Efficiency

The Browns offense was very bad on third downs in Week 11. They have been inconsistent in that regard all year, and against a team playing for draft positioning, this would be the week to get into gear and execute. Like I’ve mentioned before, they can’t get away with these issues against the elite teams in the league. If they manage to convert even 50% of their third downs this week, that will be a win.

Control the Clock

Now, even though Glennon is the starting quarterback, the Jaguars offense has the players to score quickly. D.J. Chark and James Robinson are two great players on their offense that can create big plays. Keeping them contained is one option, but best case scenario is keeping them on the sidelines and running the football down their throats. Luckily, the Browns have the best running back duo in the league to accomplish that.

Final Thoughts/Score Prediction

Overall, this game on paper should be a walk in the park for the Browns. Offensively and defensively, the Browns are the superior team, but this has the potential to be a trap game. I highly doubt it will be, but we’ll find out Sunday.

Final: Browns 31, Jaguars 20

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