NFL Week 11: The Return of Sunday Picks

NZI Sunday picks have returned with two major changes.

First major change is that I took a week off, so you all aren’t broke and will be able to gamble.

Second major change is, rather than give my picks for games I’m lukewarm on or I’m really just gambling to gamble, I’m going to focus on picks I’m very confident in. Just because I waste money, doesn’t mean you guy should, too.

Maybe this is the week I turn the corner and go undefeated… or maybe this is another week where I tread water right around 0.500 and somehow end up losing a ton of money. Either way, enjoy your NFL Sunday, and hopefully, you’re luckier than I am.

PICK 1: Kansas City Chiefs (-7.5)

Chiefs are playing the Raiders on SNF. Last time, the Raiders pulled out a pretty narrow win, handing the Chiefs their only loss of the year thus far. Patrick Mahomes has somewhat silently put himself as the MVP front runner, the Chiefs defense has been playing well enough to win games, and despite the early season success, I think the Chiefs blow the Raiders out here.

PICKS 2 & 3: Bengals (+1), Bengals ML (-105)

Vegas is inexplicably favoring the artists formerly known as the Washington Redskins, so cash in while you can. The Bengals are not a great team, but they’re better than Washington and that’s really all that matters here. Cash in on one of those weird games where Vegas overvalues home field advantage in a COVID-era game with no fans, and make some money.

PICK 4: Jaguars (+10.5)

The Steelers remain the only undefeated team in the NFL, and will remain the only undefeated team after this weekend. However, the Steelers seem to have a knack for playing down to competition and I think there is a very good chance that the Jags cover here.

PICKS 5, 6 & 7: Packers (+1.5), Packers ML (+100), Over 51.5

I view this game as free money. The Colts are a good, but not great team, and when it really boils down to it, they don’t have the defense to stop Aaron Rodgers consistently, and Phillip Rivers just isn’t the same QB he used to be. I think the Packers win this game by two possessions and we all get rich.

That’s it for this weekend’s picks. If you like the new format, feel free to comment and let me know.

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