Cleveland Browns Week 11 Preview: Philadelphia Eagles

The 6-3 Cleveland Browns will be hosting the 3-5-1 Philadelphia Eagles this week in a matchup that, surprisingly, has playoff implications for both teams.

With the Browns in the hunt and the Eagles needing a win to keep pace in their sorry excuse for a division, this game has more at stake than the records would tell.

So, let’s get into this week’s preview and see what the Browns should do to win.

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Stay Disciplined

Now, penalties did not kill this team last week, but the Eagles have been a scrappy team this season; if there are too many penalties or overall dumb mistakes, the Eagles will find a way to capitalize. Considering how young the team is as a whole, the stress can’t get them if they want to make a playoff berth. If the team can stay disciplined, it can take advantage of the rough year Carson Wentz has been having and make a statement — I’m looking at you, Myles Garrett.

(Editor’s Note: Myles Garrett has been placed on the reserve/COVID list and is ruled out for this game.)

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Thunder & Lightning, All Day

If you read my Right/Wrong/WTF article, then you’ll recall my moniker for Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt as “Thunder & Lightning.” Both of these backs have the talent to be three-down guys, and with how the offense churns through them mainly, they’ll be the stars that will make or break the game. Chubb has the physicality and Hunt has the big-play ability, so it’ll be extremely interesting to see how they perform. Another game with two 100+ yard rushers is not out of the realm of possibility, but very unlikely. At the least, I expect Chubb with more than 100 yards rushing and Hunt with around 75-100 scrimmage yards.

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Quick Tempo

The Eagles’ defensive units — mainly, the linebackers and secondary — are very questionable. To counter that, the Browns offense needs to play quick and efficient to keep the defense on its toes and create some mistakes or mismatches. With how Kevin Stefanski has coached this team so far this year — dark horse for Coach of the Year, in my opinion — and the amount of trick plays they have ran, it wouldn’t shock me to see them go to the back of the playbook for some new ideas or looks.

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Final Thoughts and Score Prediction

This Browns team is more than capable of beating this Eagles team in multiple ways. This is one of the few games where I would be okay with letting Baker Mayfield throw the ball 30+ times a game — I’m that confident.

This is still not a game to be taken lightly, but the Browns will come out of it with a win to move to 7-3 and one step closer to the playoffs.

Final Score: Browns 34, Eagles 24

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