Jets: Willie Beamen is Better QB Option Than Trevor Lawrence

If the New York Jets get the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, they should trade down and sign Willie Beamen instead.

Some NFL Draft experts are calling Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence a can’t-miss prospect. He’s supposedly the best prospect to come out of college since Andrew Luck, but Beamen plays for the Miami Sharks and could be a dangerous weapon like Lamar Jackson.

Based on the recent praise given by Daniel Jeremiah on the Rich Eisen show, Beamen is a mix of Michael Vick’s athleticism, Josh Allen’s power running, and the accuracy and arm strength of Patrick Mahomes. That’s a dangerous combination in today’s NFL — where teams are willing to use quarterbacks as a primary weapon — for the offense of the New York Jets.

The Jets should seriously consider Beamen over Trevor Lawrence because of this skill set. With the package Joe Douglas could get for the No. 1 pick from a quarterback-needy team and Beamen, he could build a roster that rivals Kansas City and creates a playoff rivalry for a long time.

The Beamen-Mahomes rivalry for the MVP would also be one to behold. With the proper weapons on the outside, a good offensive line, and a solid running game, Beamen would absolutely challenge Mahomes as the best quarterback in the NFL.

Success starts at the quarterback position. Beamen is clearly better than Lawrence. It would not become a mistake that haunts the Jets if they were to decide to go with him.

Let’s face it. The Jets need a franchise quarterback. There wouldn’t be a better building block than Beamen. He has Pro Football Hall of Fame written all over him.

NFL fans like to tout the idea that anything can happen, and any team can win in a given week.

However, if the Jets were to land Beamen, they could truly win on Any Given Sunday.

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