Power Rankings: Volume 8

Well, folks, this week did not go as some people may have hoped, and the Power Rankings will need to make some sense of it all.

Fans of the Steelers are surely excited about their team’s 7-0 start after a 28-24 victory over a Baltimore Ravens team that, if we are being honest, really beat itself.

That is not to say that the Ravens are the better team — they lost the game — but there were a lot of questions left unanswered about both of these teams from their first battle of the season.

There were other confusing performances from teams considered to be contenders, including the Bucs squeaking one out against the Giants. That situation will be one to monitor with Antonio Brown preparing to make his debut this week, seeking to redeem himself as a top-tier receiver and rehabilitate his reputation at the same time.

The data last week was hyper-focused, but this week took on a more traditional, macro perspective of the league’s power landscape. It has come to my attention that there may have been a security breach last week which led to compromised data based on the bias of the alleged perpetrator.

In the interest of ensuring no similar incidents occur in the future, I have hired a private security detail which does not permit any tomfoolery under any circumstances.

Now that data* integrity has been restored, let’s see how the Power Rankings shaped up this week.

1. Bengals

2. Browns

3. Bears

4. Seahawks

5. Colts

6. Broncos

7. Giants

8. Patriots

9. Packers

10. Chiefs

11. Bills

12. Lions

13. Jets

14. Ravens

15. Vikings

16. Chargers

17. Rams

18. 49ers

19. Jaguars

20. Dolphins

21. Bucs

22. Cardinals

23. Panthers

24. Football Team

25. Raiders

26. Eagles

27. Saints

28. Falcons

29. Titans

30. Cowboys

31. Texans

32. Steelers

*h/t NCES

(Featured photo credit: masculinemindset.com)

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