Week 8 Review: Cleveland Browns Defeated by the Las Vegas Raiders

This must be what it feels like to be a disappointed father.

You have those high expectations even though you know there’s a chance of failure, but then you actually witness the failure… and it still hurts.

I don’t have any kids, but I would like to believe that’s how it would feel. Now, onto this strange and disappointing game between the Cleveland Browns and the Las Vegas Raiders.

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The Raiders began with the football and moved down the field almost effortlessly against the Browns defense. Once they got inside the 30-yard line, the defense showed some life, and after being pressured by Myles Garrett, Derek Carr threw a pass intended for Nelson Agholor and was almost intercepted by Ronnie Harrison — unfortunately, he had some buttered popcorn before the game and couldn’t come down with the catch.

Daniel Carlson missed the kick and had it bounce off the goal post. Now, if only there was a suitable nickname for a kicker who misses kicks off the goalpost… and we’re moving on.

The Browns offense started off with back to back play-action pass plays, which resulted in an incompletion and a Baker Mayfield rush for nine yards, so at least the ball was moving. Kareem Hunt continued being the three-down back as the offense moved into Raiders territory, but after a catch by Harrison Bryant, he fumbled and the Raiders recovered. Not a great way to have your first drive end but we’ll chalk it up to a rookie mistake.

The Browns defense came back for an appearance and forced a three-and-out (with the help of a terrible overthrow) after the fumble and the Browns offense resumed. A solid quarterback sneak kept the drive moving around mid-field and the quarter ended with the Browns moving towards the 40-yard line.

Photo Credit: ClevelandBrowns.com

The second quarter began with a great outside run by Hunt to move the offense closer to the end zone. Unfortunately, after being put in a third-and-long situation, the drive stalled and Cody Parkey scored the first points of the game.

The Raiders began their drive with some short passes and converted a fourth-and-inches play to move into Browns territory. Josh Jacobs reminded the defense why he’s the No. 1 back on the Raiders and barreled down into the red zone. The defense couldn’t step up, and after allowing another fourth-down conversion, they got lucky on a failed challenge by Jon Gruden, which held the Raiders offense to only a field goal, tying the game.

The Browns offense got stuffed for a three-and-out giving the Raiders another chance to score before halftime. The Raiders do exactly that after running the ball down the throats of the Browns defense and ended the half with another Carlson field goal, making the score 6-3.

Photo Credit: ClevelandBrowns.com

The Browns received the kickoff and complimented their run game with a few short passes, encapsulated by a nice catch-and-run by Jarvis Landry, only for the drive to stall again. Parkey kicked another field goal and the game was tied 6-6.

The Raiders continued their dominance on third-downs, draining the clock as they moved down the field. Grinding runs and quick passes moved the Raiders into the red zone again. Within the 10-yard line, the Raiders forced a *NEUTRAL ZONE INFRACTION* (…get it?…) and the quarter ended with the Raiders knocking on the door of the end zone.

Photo Credit: ClevelandBrowns.com

It’s second-and-goal at the beginning of the fourth quarter, and after an incomplete pass, the Raiders got very lucky on a questionable touchdown pass to Hunter Renfrow to make the score 13-6.

The Cleveland offense gained a single first down thanks to Hunt, but after a drop by David Njoku, the Browns punted away.

The Raiders continued doing what they had done all damn day and drained the clock while keeping their drives alive on third and fourth downs. Extremely frustrating to watch, considering the low score of the game. Jacobs broke multiple tackles while the Browns offense was forced to watch on the sidelines. The defense stood strong once again in the red zone, forcing a third field goal by Carlson, making the score 16-6.

With more urgency, the Browns offense attempted to get to work. Moving quickly down the field with multiple darts thrown by Mayfield, and a ridiculous one-handed catch by Landry, the offense still couldn’t get anything going in the red zone again and attempted another field goal to make it a one-score game — except Parkey missed wide left, which I’d blame more on the wind than the kicker himself, for once.

Regardless, the drive failed and the Raiders ran the clock out to end the game.

Photo Credit: ClevelandBrowns.com

If you don’t feel like a disappointed father after this loss, then hats off to you.

This is not the best way to start off the month of November, but the silver lining is that the Baltimore Ravens lost as well, so we can laugh at their misery. Another plus is that it’s a bye week this week, which is very much needed for a good postseason push, especially with this tough division.

Sadly, it means no Browns football for Week 9, but after this game, I think we all need a breather.

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