Jets: Joe Douglas Addresses Media, Says Nothing

Joe Douglas addressed the media and gave his State of the New York Jets. He said absolutely nothing, and it was exactly what he should say.

Weeks earlier, when the Jets’ season was already off the rails, fans were clamoring for Joe Douglas to address the media. Well, now that the New York Jets GM has, the overreaction is hilarious.

The New York media is partly to blame. While they are doing their jobs reporting it, Twitter is a haven where reporters can also share their opinions.

Here are just some examples.

New York Jets team reporter Eric Allen wrote:

New York Daily News columnist Manish Mehta wrote this in reaction to Joe Douglas saying Adam Gase is the future.

Glenn Naughton of tweeted this as a reaction to the Douglas presser.

If you followed the press conference, or even watched it, you should come away not believing a word Joe Douglas said. Douglas is just saying what needs to be said. He can’t throw coaches and players under the bus in a midseason press conference and expect good ones to come to the Jets.

Douglas comes out on top, despite really saying nothing.

The overreaction is hilarious to watch, too. What else did you expect him to say about Adam Gase, other than this? (Or something to that effect.)

Gase is clearly not the answer, and Douglas can see that, but he has togive a politically-correct answer.

Fans are worried about Trevor Lawrence not coming here. Well, a GM taking accountability for not doing his job, especially saying that he miscalculated the market value for Robby Anderson, is showing him he’s the right man for the job.

There’s nothing you can take from this press conference other than this. Joe Douglas knows exactly the right thing to say without truly saying anything.

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