Opinion: Quinnen Williams is Not a Big Disappointment

New York Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams is not as big a disappointment as the stat sheet would indicate through the first 20 games of his NFL career.

NFL analyst Bucky Brooks took to Twitter to say that the third-overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft has been a “major disappointment.”

The agent of Williams, Nicole Lynn, fired back in a stark defense of her client.

Brooks has gotten a lot of blowback on Twitter. So, let’s examine the take in-depth before jumping on Bucky completely.

From a box score perspective, Brooks is actually right. He was the third-overall pick, and given that, he should be getting to the quarterback more. He does only have 5.5 sacks. However, when you examine things thoroughly, Brooks is way off-base.

The Truth About the Numbers

First of all, even when looking at the numbers holistically, you have to factor in how he was used in 2019 before judging the numbers.

When watching Williams in ’19, it was clear that Gregg Williams didn’t ask Quinnen Williams to go all-out after the quarterbacks. He was used to help open holes for defenders behind him — by stunts and two-gapping — because they needed the help. That will limit overall production.

When you watch the tape this season, Gregg Williams has used Quinnen Williams in a totally different fashion. He’s gotten after the quarterback and been a big disrupter in both the passing and running games. When looking at the stat sheet, too, he has three sacks, four quarterback hits, two hurries, and two quarterback knockdowns.

When you also analyze the stats, there’s another telling sign. According to Pro Football Reference, the Jets are tied for the third-lowest average depth of target-against. Additionally, Next Gen Stats has Quinnen Williams as one of the farthest from the quarterback — upon release while rushing the passer — on a week-in and week-out basis. That tells me that the New York Jets have a terrible secondary, which doesn’t help matter either.

In the end, when looking at everything, Quinnen Williams is not as big a disappointment as it seems on the surface. He’s made strides in his second season in the NFL, and the expectation moving forward should be in the upper-echelon of interior pass rushers in the NFL soon.

Stats: Pro Football Reference

(Featured Image Credit: NewYorkJets.com)

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