Power Rankings: Volume 6

NFL Week 7 is here and there is still no clarity as to which team holds the most power. 

Moments before writing this, the Ravens certainly made a powerful statement by trading for Pro Bowl pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue and bringing in Dez Bryant for an extended look on their practice squad. The rich getting richer.

A team like the 5-0 Steelers has looked quite powerful, despite playing the second-weakest schedule in the league thus far. On top of that, Devin Bush, their defensive captain, was lost for the season, tearing an ACL in their Week 6 blowout win against the Browns.

Speaking of the Browns, there was optimism in Cleveland after seemingly getting some momentum going after being embarrassed by the Ravens to open the season. Of course, all it took was a competent opponent to remind them that they are still the Cleveland Browns and that will never change.

What does all of this mean?

Quite simply, this is why people love the NFL. There’s no telling what might happen from one week to the next. A team that looks damn near unbeatable could get completely exposed two straight weeks.

And this, friends, is why you don’t listen to opinions. You don’t allow bias to influence your perception. You don’t fall for clickbait sleight-of-hand to come to any conclusions.

Data* continues to tell the real story. Data will never lie to you. Data has nothing to gain by manipulating you, which is why — as always — the rankings shall speak for themselves without editorialization. 

1. Colts (LR 29)

2. Vikings (LR 24)

3. Eagles (LR 18)

4. Saints (LR 32)

5. Packers (LR 27)

6. Cardinals (LR 17)

7. Dolphins (LR 7)

8. Jaguars (LR 5)

9. Bucs (LR 6)

10. Chiefs (LR 30)

11. Football Team (LR 31)

12. Bills (LR 4)

13. Chargers (LR 1)

14. Rams (LR 3)

15. 49ers (LR 2)

16. Jets (LR 25)

17. Steelers (LR 19)

18. Giants (LR 26)

19. Titans (LR 22)

20. Panthers (LR 15)

21. Falcons (LR 11)

22. Patriots (LR 13)

23. Lions (LR 23)

24. Bengals (LR 20)

25. Browns (LR 21)

26. Broncos (LR 13)

27. Cowboys (LR 9)

28. Texans (LR 8)

29. Bears (LR 16)

30. Ravens (LR 14)

31. Seahawks (LR 10)

32. Raiders (LR 28)


(Featured photo credit: cbsnews.com)

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