Indianapolis Colts Week 6: Right, Wrong, and WTF

This was a huge game for the Colts for so many reasons. Being completely honest, I did not think they had this type of performance in them, and after being down 21-0, things were not looking good. But, it is good to know, Philip Rivers can still do it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the Bengals are, by no means, an elite or even good defense. But still, Rivers had not shown the ability to win a game by himself at all this season.

After Week 6, that narrative has to change.

Rivers threw for 371 yards and 3 touchdowns and brought the Colts back from a 21-0 deficit for a major comeback win.

All of my key points for this week were thrown out the door after the first quarter, and yet, the Colts were still able to pull together a win. Forget who they were playing and forget that this game was projected as a potentially easy win. The Colts showed heart today, and a will to win that only the best teams have. Trust me, when it comes to winning ugly or losing pretty, winning ugly is always the better outcome.

Now for the Right, Wrong, and WTF for Week 6.

Photo Credit – Indianapolis Colts

What Went Right:

Philip Rivers and the passing game came through in a major way. But, I already talked about him, so let’s just praise the Colts passing attack as a whole.

Marcus Johnson had more targets, receptions, and yards today than in the previous weeks combined. Trey Burton played a huge role in securing two touchdowns, one through the air and one on the ground. Jonathan Taylor stepped up as a receiver, logging 4 receptions for 55 yards.

The Colts got the job done through the air when it mattered most, and if that doesn’t give you confidence going forward, nothing will.

Photo Credit – Cincinnati Bengals

What Went Wrong:

The defense did not get the job done today. Through five weeks, the defense has been among the best in the league and was the main reason the Colts had a winning record. Today was a day to forget for the defense, as they gave up over 300 yards passing, and nearly 100 yards rushing.

The Bengals rookie connection of Joe Burrow and Tee Higgins gave the Colts trouble all day long, as Burrow passed for over 300 yards and Higgins caught six balls for 125 yards on the day.

Moving forward, the defense has to be better. However, am I really concerned about this performance? No, not really. The Colts are still without Darius Leonard and honestly, every team is due for a letdown once in a while. Today was that day for the Colts defense.

Photo Credit – Indianapolis Colts


T.Y. Hilton is the WTF.

Hilton is an excellent player, but has not shown much this entire season. In a game where the Colts were down 21-0 early in the second quarter and were forced to throw the entire game, Hilton did almost nothing.

Philip Rivers threw for 371 yards and Hilton only contributed 11 of those yards — huh?!? This guy has been one of the most underappreciated receivers in the entire NFL over the past five years, and yet, in a game where the offense was required to throw the ball, he was almost non-existent. The good news is that the Colts showed they are capable of winning without T.Y. getting going, but it is just an extremely confusing chain of events that has led to him being an afterthought in this offense.

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