Report: New York Jets Tanking for Trevor Lawrence

According to former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee, the New York Jets are going “ALL IN” to land the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft to pick Trevor Lawrence.

Some would say the 2020 New York Jets are a train wreck. It is a terrible mess in East Rutherford, NJ. It’s been 10 years of terrible building, and now Joe Douglas is saddled with fixing this mess. You must get two people right in the organization to even think you have a chance of competing. Those two are the head coach and quarterback.

Let’s examine the validity of the tank possibility and as many angles as possible that this could not be the truth.


The Jets are a mess, and no viable NFL head coach would want to come here right now. However, with the No. 1 pick (most likely Trevor Lawrence) in tow, that could be enticing for any coach. Many would undoubtedly take starting a tenure with who many believe to be the best prospect since Andrew Luck. So, there’s a chance to get a top-quality quarterback and coach. The Jets can kill two birds with one stone by tanking.


On the surface, this looks to make a ton of sense, but it’s also kind of fishy. Why would the Jets let this leak now?

Normally, when an organization chooses to leak information there’s something to gain from it. Frankly, there’s nothing to gain from it right now. In fact, there’s more to lose by spreading this information.

During the offseason, Douglas said they weren’t going to punt on the 2020 season. If they are doing it now, it’s the opposite of what Douglas said. Now, while this could’ve been true when he said it, it doesn’t look all that great and it looks like he lied.


What if this exercise in futility is true? The power structure for the Jets dictates that the owner makes the call on the head coach. Tanking could be a double-edged sword for Douglas. Imagine Gase going to Christopher Johnson after the season and convincing him the tank prevented him from being able to win, and now, they should give him one more year. Lawrence could opt to stay at Clemson because he doesn’t want to play for Adam Gase, and the Jets wouldn’t get what they want.

In the end, the whole scenario of actually tanking only makes sense in one way: Gase must be a lame-duck coach who has no chance of keeping his job.

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