New York Jets: Hope is Out There for Gang Green

There’s a lot going on right now for the New York Jets, and it may seem hopeless. However, all is not lost for the Green & White.

“Do you believe in miracles! Yes!” That’s what Al Michaels proclaimed after the U.S. National Hockey Team defeated the Soviet Union in the semifinals of the 1980 Winter Olympics. That’s because it was a bunch of rag-tag, college hockey players, pieced together for an international tournament to play against pros who had played together for years.

Some might say it would take a miracle for the New York Jets to turn things around.

A miracle isn’t what the Jets need. What they need is just to make the right choices.

In the latest edition of Bleav in Jets, we tackle the hopelessness of the Jets:

  • Why all hope isn’t lost
  • The Cardinals provide the blueprint for rebuilding
  • Why the Jets can look to the Browns as a source of hope (Yes, the BROWNS!)
  • The pipe-dream coaches for the Jets
  • A good coach who’s been waiting his turn, but will likely look elsewhere
  • The best coach and the top of his offensive staff

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