Opinion: Jets Should Use Bridge QB to Transition

The New York Jets are on track for the No. 1 pick. The consensus is that Trevor Lawrence will be the selection, and if he is, the Jets should sit him his rookie season.

Imagine the best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck sitting for his rookie season. That’s absolutely what the New York Jets should do if they draft Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence first-overall.

Lawrence has all the tools you look for in an incoming rookie. He has the requisite mobility, a strong arm, accuracy, and good mechanics. So, why would any NFL team not just throw a player like that to the fire?

Well, let’s look at the most recent success story, Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes is a talented quarterback, and just like Lawrence he came into the league with most of those skills — save for needing work on mechanics. During the 2017 season, Mahomes sat on the bench while the working on his fundamentals.

While Mahomes was an understudy to Alex Smith, the Chiefs were still getting pieces around him. So, by the time Mahomes was ready to take the reins in 2018, there was already a good supporting cast around him.

That’s precisely why the Jets need to use a veteran bridge quarterback if they were to draft Lawrence No. 1. It’s not a lack of talent for Lawrence, but a lack of pieces around him.

Joe Douglas was brought in to rebuild this franchise. Jeff Smith is emerging as a go-to for a quarterback. He’s hurt at the moment, but Denzel Mims could be another weapon. Mekhi Becton is a franchise left tackle already, and George Fant is good enough on the other side if the Jets want to bring him back. Finally, we don’t know about Christopher Herndon, because for some reason, Adam Gase doesn’t utilize him as he should.

Douglas needs to rebuild the interior offensive line, still, and he needs to get another weapon or two for Lawrence. Then, the team will be ready for Lawrence to step in and take over.

Who are the options?

3. Joe Flacco

Brining back Flacco for one more season might be ideal since he’s already with the team this season, and he’d be familiar with the team. It would be a cheap option, and with his experience in the postseason, he could bring that knowledge to the team.

2. Robert Griffin III

RGIII has had his ups and downs in the NFL, but from a skill set standpoint, he’d actually be a good veteran bridge. Having a mobile quarterback would make the transition to Lawrence smoother, because they could just go from one mobile quarterback to a better one.

1. Tyrod Taylor

Like Griffin, he’s also a mobile quarterback, but Taylor is more accurate. Taylor is currently serving as the bridge to Justin Herbert in Los Angeles. So, he has experience in that role. In addition, he’s a much better passer than Griffin. So, the receivers could develop even more with Taylor behind center than they could with Griffin.

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