Opinion: NFL Should Suspend Titans Operations for 2020

The Tennessee Titans keep reporting new cases of COVID-19, and as a result of their actions, the NFL should suspend Titans operations for the remainder of the 2020 season and take away cap space in 2021.

The Tennessee Titans have put themselves and others in danger of contracting COVID-19. Their actions deserve quick and swift punishment.

The league has set up rules in place to protect players. Defenseless player situations and increased protections for the quarterback in the pocket are just two of them. While those may be necessary for the game, so is protecting lives.

Tennessee Titans HC Mike Vrabel
Photo Credit: TennesseeTitans.com

Ever since the CTE lawsuits, the NFL has upped the ante on player safety. The actions of the Titans not only put players in jeopardy, but anyone they came in contact with or were near. This includes other teams’ front office staffs, coaches, and the officials.

On top of all of this, the Titans were told not to meet anywhere after an outbreak occurred. According to beat reporter Paul Kuharsky, they didn’t heed that order from the NFL.

Some teams have had players contract COVID-19, but the Titans are the only ones with a franchise-wide outbreak, including the front office.

The NFL cannot allow this to go on. The Titans cannot go week-to-week wondering if they’re going to play. That’s not fair to their opponents every week, nor is it fair to possibly put them in danger of contracting COVID-19.


In a recent conference call, the NFL said that losing draft picks and/or forfeiture of games is on the table for those teams that knowingly break protocol. It doesn’t matter that this happened before that call. The results have caused a ripple effect.

That’s why the NFL should suspend Titans operations for the rest of the 2020 season. Fans may not like that the team they root for is winning by forfeit, but it’s necessary.

According to the NFL bylaws, the maximum a franchise can be fined is $5 million. Instead of fining the organization in cash, they should make it more difficult to win in 2021 by taking that away in cap space, too.

This is worse than anything for which they’ve suspended players and coaches in the past. If the NFL really wants to make an example of the Titans and show the league that this is important, suspending the 2020 season for the Titans is the way to go.

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