Indianapolis Colts Week 4: Right, Wrong, and WTF

The Indianapolis Colts are a good team, and they showed that in Week 4, defeating the Chicago Bears. They have discovered their identity and know how to play their brand of football. They are going to control the line of scrimmage on both offense and defense. They’re going to play tough, smash-mouth football and ball control, and they are not going to beat themselves.

Philip Rivers has done exactly what the Colts needed from him so far. Since Week 1, he hasn’t forced the ball into tight windows. But, more importantly, since Week 1, the Colts haven’t asked Philip Rivers to win them games. Rivers, at this stage of his career, is perfect for this Colts offense. They want to run the ball and control time of possession, and in Week 4, they did exactly that.

Photo Credit – Indianapolis Colts

The Right:

The Colts controlled this game and dominated on special teams and defense.

The defense controlled the line of scrimmage all day long and made sure the Bears’ offense couldn’t get any momentum going.

DeForest Buckner had constant pressure in the Bears backfield, disrupting Nick Foles all day long. The Bears’ run game couldn’t get anything going either, averaging fewer than 3.0 yards per carry. The Colts’ defense effectively made the Bears one-dimensional, which is largely why they’re moving on to 3-1.

Rodrigo Blankenship had his second 4-of-4 day as a kicker in his young NFL career. Blankenship was great for the Colts in this game, as the defense held the Bears to 11 points — with only 3 points prior to the game’s final two minutes. So, the offense did not have to be spectacular; they just needed to get points on the board. Blankenship made sure they did just that.

Photo Credit – Indianapolis Colts

The Wrong:

Darius Leonard’s injury. Leonard left the game early with a groin injury, and it is unknown the extent of his injury. Hopefully, it isn’t serious, as Leonard leads the NFL’s best defense through the first quarter of the season.

The offense’s slow day. The Colts mustered under 300 total yards today, as it was a defensive slugfest. Luckily, it didn’t matter, as the Colts controlled the game throughout. But, if the Colts were to get into a shootout right now, I’m not convinced the offense could keep up.

That’s the bad news, though. The good news is that this Bears defense isn’t exactly a slouch when mentioning the best defenses in the league. The Colts offense did enough to get the job done and win a difficult game on the road.

Photo Credit – Indianapolis Colts

The WTF:

The Colts-Bears game has been used to predict the United States’ President in each of the last four American Presidential elections.

Don’t believe me? That’s okay; you can look it up yourself. But, in each of the past four elections, the winner of this game has correlated to the party of the team’s most prominent politician.

Now, being that this is a football website and not a political one, I will allow you to look up which candidate to which each team is connected.

Just know that we may have just seen the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election play out right in front of our eyes. You come to this page for football and “WTF” facts, and it doesn’t get more “WTF” than that!

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