New York Jets: State of the Organization and Outlook

Sam Darnold was supposed to be the savior of the New York Jets. Now, he looks to be anything but that.

You can point the finger at many people for the failure of Darnold. Mike Maccagnan, the Johnsons, Adam Gase, and even Darnold himself can all shoulder some blame for the lack of growth in the would-be franchise quarterback of the New York Jets.

What Is the Next Step for Jets QB Sam Darnold Entering Year 2?
Photo Credit: New York Jets

After their terrible loss to the Denver Broncos — which isn’t on Darnold — there’s no turning back. In the latest episode of Bleav in Jets, we take a look at the state of the Jets after Week 4:

  • Why is Adam Gase staying on as head coach? (Hint: Christopher Johnson is lying.)
  • What are the Jets doing with Sam Darnold?
  • Does Joe Douglas have the ear of the owner?
  • If they get the No. 1 pick, should they mirror another franchise’s approach to a young quarterback?

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