New York Jets: Two Things That Must Change

The New York Jets are on the verge of changing head coaches, yet again. Things have to change at the top of the organization for real change to occur, and it’s not necessarily a sale.

The keyword for this coming offseason is “empowerment.”

Reporting Structure

When Woody Johnson returns to run the New York Jets, there must be a radical shift in the way things are done. Right now, both the head coach and general manager report to the owner separately. There needs to be real power within the organization. The Jets need to empower general manager Joe Douglas and give him real authority.

There needs to be a pyramid structure like all organizations — in and out of sports. The reporting structure should be “head coach to GM to owner” in sports, period.

The New Head Coach Selects the Assistants

Many know the story of Peyton Manning backing up the hiring of Adam Gase, and that was the nail that got him the job — but there’s even more. Peter Schrager went on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football and told the story of the hiring process of Gase. A huge turn-off for Matt Rhule, now the head coach of the Carolina Panthers, was that the Jets “suggested” coaches for Rhule.

The ownership group needs to stay out of coaching staff matters. It’s okay to be hands-on sometimes, but not in this case. One of the functions of a head coach is to hire his own staff. He knows how he wants to run things and the people who can get the job done. Let him do that.

Again, the keyword for the Jets this offseason is “empowerment.”

The owners want control of everything, but that’s not the right way to build a winning culture. Empower the GM and head coach to do their jobs the right way, and the Jets will start to turn the corner.

Until that happens, the Jets will remain in the mess they’ve been in for a decade.

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