Going Nuclear: The Will Moody Takedown

I am about a month into my foray into the sports journalism world, and I have always done my best to supply the reader with not only winning gambling picks, but honest and 100% accurate reporting on all things that come to sports.

As I mentioned in an impromptu Saturday Power Rankings post, I became increasingly irritated with another NZI writer, Will, and his atrocious clickbait Power Rankings he had published two consecutive weeks.

Although I am not the owner, operator or even a paid employee of NZI, I found it absolutely appalling that our Commander in Chief, Chibs a.k.a. LateRoundCorner (seen below working his 9-5 job), would allow this smut to be published for the sake of clicks and Twitter interactions.

I thought, at NZI, we were above these cheap tactics to drive traffic, and I thought I would give the readers what they truly wanted: blue-collar analysis of the NFL.

After going through the normal channels of getting my piece published, and getting the confirmation from our Editor in Chief Max Mikado that the article was posted, I thought all was right with the world and you, the reader, could go about your day, knowing someone cared enough to give you real rankings.

Then, my Twitter feed blew up Sunday morning, and here we are.

Will posted NZI REBUTTAL: DATA UNDER ATTACK and I slowly started to realize how badly I miscalculated the situation. Not only am I dealing with a novice sports fan, but an unhinged lunatic that will stop at nothing to infiltrate the sports community and brainwash you with his alleged data.

As I scrolled further and further down Will’s article, I became more and more enraged, not only by the lack of self-awareness, but the outright lies that sprinkled the page. I became physically ill when he suggested kidnapping my loved ones. What I initially thought was going to be a wake-up call for Will that would help the site by forcing him to improve, became an excuse for further propaganda.

This will not stand, and so we get to the meat of today’s piece: the ending of Will Moody and the complete takedown of, not only his work, but every fiber of his being.


Through this process, I have come to learn something about Will. On the surface, Will comes off as just a lovable idiot who is trying to pick up a new hobby and is bad at it. What lies beneath is a sociopath who will stop at nothing to shift the narrative away from his gross incompetence and neglect of his duties.

I would like to go on the record as saying, at no point in my article, did I attack the data. I’m sure the data Will used, led him to his obviously-wrong conclusions, and my attack was solely on the individual manipulating the data to do his bidding. Data is key to any kind of analytical approach to understanding the National Football League, and in this new analytics age, people like Will are only here to stop progress.

I will not allow data to be villainized here; Will is the problem.


After I got over the initial shock of seeing Will contemplate legal action and bodily harm toward those I love, I decided to keep reading, and the next part of Will’s blog may have been more upsetting than the first.

Will proceeded to post three Photoshopped tweets, which made me out to look like a flat-earther, a sun/space denier, and someone who got on Twitter after taking too many hard drugs and questioned the meaning of life.

Although I have not actually tweeted any of these things, I am not mad that these free thoughts, tweeted by adults willing to think outside the box, were attributed to me. The deeply troubling part of this is that Will is sharing these different ideas as if they are some kind of negative.

It’s led to me the conclusion that Will is against freedom of speech.

Right now, something as simple as questioning his atrocious Power Rankings and being a free-thinker sets him off — imagine if we allow this kind of behavior to continue? We’re looking at the next Fidel Castro-type dictator here.


I had two options when Will’s response went live: refute and move on; or try and get to the root of the issue, and fix NZI for the better.

I chose to do a deep dive into Will, and who Will is, as a person. I took a brief look into Will’s Twitter to start off with, to see if there was some information that could really drive me to some conclusions and a plan of attack.

Will joined twitter in 2010, which is great, because it gives me a decade of random thoughts to sift through and really paint a clear picture of who he is as a person. I was able to trace Will’s change from a pretty normal guy, to the NFL analytics equivalent of Fidel Castro.

EXHIBIT A: Will discovers the NFL:

As you can see, it’s pretty clear that, prior to October of 2017, Will was just a free speech-loving political junkie who happened to stumble upon the NFL during the kneeling controversy. This is the original Will. The Will that might be buried beneath the sociopathic NZI writer he is today. Notice he says he loves free speech? Boy, have times changed.

EXHIBIT B: Will discovers NextGen Stats:

Somewhere between October of 2017 and January of 2018, Will clearly started becoming obsessed with the NFL and discovered the statistical side of the game. We can only speculate, as there doesn’t seem to be a lot about his past (more on this later), but my guess is, Will gravitated to stats because of his own lack of athletic ability and lack of experience in organized sports. He found love in a side of the game that he could actually relate to, which was numbers.

EXHIBIT C: Will’s professes his love of “Chinese communism”

This is not meant to call into question Will’s potential voting record or future political endorsements. I am simply sharing this screenshot to paint a clearer picture of Will and his motives. This tweet is from the day of his first Power Rankings, and it fits perfectly into my conclusions below. Pay specific attention to the emphasis on Chinese communism placed by Will here, as China has a long track record of censoring journalists who paint a less-than-appealing picture of their regime.


At some point between October of 2017 and today, Will changed from being a somewhat-normal American, to a statistic-obsessed NFL writer who will stop at nothing from making sure his calculations are not only accepted, but widely praised.

As with all writers (myself included), Will is driven by the clicks and the interaction. Where Will differs is his complete inability to stand for negative feedback or criticism of his work.

After doing a deep dive, his actions of this morning no longer came as a big shock.

As the above screenshots show, I have been removed from the NZI writers’ chat, and blocked on Twitter by Will.

When I first saw this, I was confused; but, after searching into Will’s psyche and who he is as a person, it makes perfect sense: Will is a strange mix of The Joker and a communist dictator.

Will does things because he wants to see chaos, but if anyone tries to block the engagement and the chaos he so desperately seeks, he does his best to silence and censor that person.

I do not scare easily.

I will continue to fight against the evil that exists in the sports journalism world.

After reading this, I hope you all realize who Will is, what he’s become, and what the best method is in dealing with him, going forward.

Thank you for your time, and I hope I’ve helped you make an informed decision on clicking future #DictatorWill blogs.

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