NZI Cheat Day: Volume 1

As a new weekly feature on NZI, let’s focus on something we all have in common while watching all the NFL action. We all can’t enjoy the glory of victory every week, but all can and should be gluttonous swine who eat and drink ourselves into Bolivian.

What we’re asking is for you, the readers, to share on Twitter the glorious ways you will be ignoring your health and doctor’s orders to fully enjoy NFL Sunday. 

The best replies will be compiled into next week’s feature for proper recognition amongst your peers. The worst replies will also be compiled for ridicule amongst your peers. Basically, shoot your best shot and you could be featured in a subsequent edition of NZI Cheat Day.

I will start things off by sharing that my NZI Cheat Day menu consists of a pile of 120 Totino’s Pizza Rolls, 20 Bud Lights, 6 chocolate chip cookies, a jar of medium salsa, and 1 full bag of Tostito’s Crispy Rounds.

Can you beat my calorie count? Prove it.

(Featured Image Credit: Fedorovacz / Shutterstock)

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