The Correct Power Rankings: Volume 2.5

As some of you may be aware, I am the gambling guy on this website, but I couldn’t let Will Moody get away with posting his train wreck Power Rankings two weeks in a row and let it go unchecked by NZI writers once again.

As you can see here (THE WORST POWER RANKINGS OF 2020), this whole “unbiased data based rankings” that Will keeps pushing, makes a complete mockery of actual sports journalism.

The problem here is that Will is one of these stat geeks who thinks a box score and some random, made-up statistics can help you properly decide who is the best team in the NFL.

He never actually played sports; he’ll claim his time on the Math team counted, but we know it didn’t.

The closest Will ever came to football before NZI was when the offensive lineman would shove him in his locker and take his lunch money in high school. His “power rankings” (air quotes) are based on nothing but random numbers he copied and pasted into an Excel spreadsheet that hold no actual meaning to anyone who watches football on a weekly basis.

I let his first Power Rankings slide because he said he wasn’t even aware of what the NFL was until last week, so I thought maybe he just needed some more data to let his nerdy calculations correct themselves. I am committed to helping NZI grow into a well-respected website, and I can’t in good faith let you readers continue to suffer through reading the absolute garbage rankings that Will has put together the last two weeks.

Below are actual Power Rankings.

No bias, no nerdy formulas — just actual rankings based on what we football fans see between the lines on Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays. Until Will figures it out, I will be taking over as rankings guy.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the list! Be sure to give your thoughts in the comment section below, or on Twitter:

  1. Los Angeles Chargers
  2. Washington Football Team
  3. Las Vegas Raiders
  4. Philadelphia Eagles
  5. San Francisco 49ers
  6. Kansas City Chiefs
  7. Los Angeles Rams
  8. Buffalo Bills
  9. New Orleans Saints
  10. Seattle Seahawks
  11. Pittsburgh Steelers
  12. Denver Broncos
  13. Miami Dolphins
  14. Cleveland Browns
  15. New York Giants
  16. Cincinnati Bengals
  17. New England Patriots
  18. Atlanta Falcons
  19. Tennessee Titans
  20. Arizona Cardinals
  21. Chicago Bears
  22. Houston Texans
  23. Green Bay Packers
  24. Baltimore Ravens
  25. Minnesota Vikings
  26. New York Jets
  27. Detroit Lions
  28. Carolina Panthers
  29. Dallas Cowboys
  30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  31. Indianapolis Colts
  32. Jacksonville Jaguars

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