Power Rankings: Volume 2

Last week’s Power Rankings seemed to ruffle some feathers — which was surprising, to say the least.

So, I did the only thing a data addict like myself could do, and dug even deeper into big data.

Being responsible for compiling data-driven* Power Rankings is a thankless job, but I didn’t choose this life; it chose me. 

A lot has changed since last week, as an injury epidemic swept across the league, and the repercussions are most definitely reflected in this week’s updated Power Rankings.

There are a lot of lists that get posted every week, that exist solely to get people upset. I know the readers of this site are smarter than that, which is why these rankings don’t rely on the old tricks of the trade, like dropping a team down or moving one up just for the shock value, to get people talking.

Last week, a commitment was made to generate these Power Rankings without bias, letting data tell the story. Nothing has changed, so I am reaffirming that commitment, now and forever. 

1t. Texans (LR 25)
1t. Cowboys (LR 25)
3. Chiefs (LR 17)
4. Saints (LR 32)
5. Titans (LR 31)
6. Falcons (LR 28)
7t. Bengals (LR 9)
7t. Browns (LR 9)
9. Panthers (LR 18)
10. Packers (LR 29)
11. Colts (LR 30)
12. Lions (LR 24)
13. Vikings (LR 14)
14. Patriots (LR 1)
15t. Dolphins (LR 21) 
15t. Jaguars (LR 21)
15t. Bucs (LR 21)
18t. Jets (LR 7)
18t. Giants (LR 7)
20. Ravens (LR 15)
21. Football Team (LR 11)
22. Bills (LR 5)
23. Bears (LR 6)
24. Broncos (LR 12)
25. Cardinals (LR 27)
26t. Eagles (LR 19)
26t. Steelers (LR 19)
28. Raiders (LR 13)
29. Seahawks (LR 16)
30t. Chargers (LR 2)
30t. 49ers (LR 2)
30t. Rams (LR 2)

*h/t AAA

(Featured Image Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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