New York Jets: Three Takeaways From Week 2

The New York Jets got demolished by the San Francisco 49ers. The lopsided 31-13 score doesn’t tell the whole story. So, what can we glean from the defeat? Let’s take a look.

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Sam Darnold needs a fresh start elsewhere

During his brief three-year career with the New York Jets, Sam Darnold has shown flashes. However, he’s regressed and may be on the brink of a complete breakdown. A terrible coach has lost faith in the young quarterback, and it seems like he has lost faith in himself as well.

It may be a tough one, but Darnold needs to go somewhere else to resurrect his career and maybe sit on the bench to earn a starting job. If there’s still some confidence left there, Darnold may be able to do that, but not in New York.

Photo courtesy of the New York Jets

Most of the coaching staff must go

Adam Gase isn’t the only coach that is on the hot seat. Suddenly, with the defense out of sync, Gregg Williams is, too. Both the offense and the defense are putrid.

If the team continues to play like this, both of them will be on the outside looking in come the offseason. The only person that’s safe is Special Teams Coordinator Brant Boyer. In fact, he may be due for a promotion, as well as keeping his job.

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Everyone is to blame on this one

Sometimes, you can point to one aspect of the team and point the finger. For the Jets, tough; there’s been an avalanche effect.

The owners have hired three bad general managers. Each general manager has continued to focus of the defensive side of the ball and neglect the offense in the draft. They have tried — and failed — to get a quarterback late in the draft, as well.

The snowball has grown to mammoth proportions since the hiring of Mike Maccagnan, though. First, he hired Todd Bowles, and never gave him the quarterback he needed. Then, when he finally did, it was too late.

Then, when Christopher Johnson took over, he hired Adam Gase, a man who didn’t deserve the job. He then fired Mike Maccagnan after the draft.

The aforementioned Maccagnan failed to hit on most of his offensive players in the draft. With that, he failed to surround Darnold with the offensive line and weapons needed to succeed.

Adam Gase has continued this avalanche by continuing to not put Darnold in a proper position to succeed or at least trust Darnold to do it.

Everyone has played a role in the demise of the Jets — but it starts up top, and things need to change there for true change to happen.

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