Oh No They Didn’t: NZI’s Hot Take House II

Oh yes, we’re back to spit more of that hot fire with our takes!

The NZI fantasy football writers and I return to call our shots for Week 2.

Before we dive into the bold takes for this week, let’s revisit the calls we made last week:

Week 1 Bold Predictions

Robbie (@RobbieMacG94): Jonathan Taylor goes off for 125 yards and a touchdown.”

Though we didn’t quite hit on that, with no Marlon Mack for the rest of the season, Jonathan Taylor should be started in all leagues. He will be better.

Caleb (@DJKaleeb): Gronk finishes outside the top-12 among fantasy tight ends this week.”

Cue the DJ Khaled air horns, because the hot fire spat from this take was spot-on! The future Hall of Famer looked like he should have stuck to working for FOX last Sunday. I’d look to upgrade the position, Rob Gronkowski owners.

Jake D (@jacornjacob): Drew Brees and Tom Brady will both throw four touchdowns.”

Turns out they did throw four touchdowns last week…combined. Both defenses made Brady and Brees look their age last week — like they should have gone off to retirement at the end of the Wild Card round last season. Now, with Michael Thomas out for the foreseeable future, Brees’ fantasy value diminishes. Meanwhile, the Saints defense made “Tom Terrific” look like “Terrible Tom” in the Dome, giving up 102 yards in the first half, and 207 yards with six minutes left in the game, and with a three-score lead. Tom and the Bucs should have a better showing this week against Carolina.

James (@crunchytaters): Brandon Aiyuk will be a top-ten fantasy wide receiver this week.”

This could’ve been a thing, but the Niners declared him out last week and he didn’t play. In his Wednesday press conference after practice, Kyle Shanahan said he’s optimistic Aiyuk will make his NFL debut Sunday. If he does play, he’s a nice sleeper to start in your flex against the Jets.

Jake M (@wutangx1134): Josh Allen and Jimmy Garoppolo will finish in the top-five among fantasy quarterbacks this week.”

Well, I was half right with this take. Josh Allen finished third in fantasy points among quarterbacks last week, finishing behind only Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. Jimmy Garoppolo was a different story: his 19 fantasy points were fine, but not the day I expected him to have against the Cardinals. Part of the reason for the lackluster performance was due to the injuries the Niners have on offense (Aiyuk ruled out, Deebo Samuel on IR, and George Kittle leaving the game with an injury). He had essentially no one to throw to that he trusted. That doesn’t excuse the wide-open receivers he didn’t see, however. Those missed opportunities could have netted him a huge game. But, if “if’s” and “but’s” were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas, and the reality is, Garoppolo was a bit of a let-down. He has a nice match-up this week against the Jets. If I have Deshaun Watson in a league, I’d look to bench him and stream Garoppolo this week, if he’s available in your league.

And now, here are your Week 2 bold predictions, courtesy of the NZI Fantasy Writers.

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Week 2 Bold Predictions

Robbie (@RobbieMacG94): Nick Chubb gets over 100 yards rushing and scores a touchdown.”

The Browns are looking to bounce back after their embarrassing Week 1 blowout, and will stick to the one thing they had success with against the Ravens before they were in full-blown catch-up mode: running the football. The Bengals had a difficult time containing the Chargers’ running game last week, as well. Austin Ekeler and Joshua Kelley combined for 144 rushing yards last week against that Bengals defense. Chubb has an opportunity for a better game on Thursday Night Football.

(Editor’s Note: Nick Chubb did, in fact, run for over 100 yards, and doubled the touchdown prediction in Week 1. Spicy take lacking heat here!)

Jake Miller (@wutangx1134): “Josh Allen will finish in the top-three fantasy quarterbacks again this week.”

In his history against the Dolphins, Josh Allen finished as QB1 twice, finished second once, and seventh last year in Buffalo. Miami spent money to improve the defense this off-season, but seeing Cam Newton have the rushing day he had against the Dolphins, I’m doubling down on Allen and the Bills offense this week.

Lucas (@lunar_lucas): Hollywood Brown gets six catches for 120 yards and his first touchdown of the season against the Texans, and Joe Mixon gets 100 yards rushing against the Browns.”

Joe Mixon is looking for a bounce-back week after disappointing fantasy owners, earning a measly 6.1 fantasy points last week against the Chargers. Cleveland did a great job containing Baltimore’s run game in Week 1. However, Mixon has a history of beating up on the Browns defense on the ground. Last season, he finished twice in the top-five running backs for the week after playing the Browns. I believe he’ll do the same this week on Thursday Night Football.

Hollywood Brown is a match-up problem for any defense, especially the Texans. They will commit to stopping Mark Andrews and the Baltimore run game, leaving Hollywood free to take the top off their weak secondary. As I said in “Three Players To Look Out For After Week One,” Hollywood caught 25% of Lamar Jackson’s completions, and I expect even more against Houston, including one in the end zone.

Caleb (@DJKaleeeb): Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers finish in the top-eight fantasy quarterbacks this week.”

I expect a shootout in the Lions-Packers game. Two quarterbacks in explosive offenses, exchanging blows all afternoon, will result in both having big fantasy days. Aaron Rodgers should have no trouble finding Davante Adams, and it is a good match-up for both Marvin Jones, Jr. and T.J. Hockenson for the Lions.

That’s it for this week’s installment of NZI’s Hot Take House!

Be on the look-out for next week’s edition — with extra boasting after we’re inevitably proven right!

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