Power Rankings: Volume 1

I have been reading the site diligently since it launched and noticed none of the other NZI writers are brave enough to dip their toes into the Power Ranking* pool.

As the ultimate team player, I took responsibility for this invaluable, objective assessment tool.

In the interest of remaining unbiased, no explanation will be provided for where each team is ranked. Data is my drug and I don’t want to quit it.

Please feel free to state your case as to why your team is ranked too low, the team you hate is ranked too high, and which teams are ranked just right.

1. Patriots
2t. 49ers
2t. Chargers
2t. Rams
5. Bills 
6. Bears
7t. Jets
7t. Giants
9t. Browns
9t. Bengals
11. Football Team
12. Broncos
13. Raiders
14. Vikings
15. Ravens
16. Seahawks
17. Chiefs
18. Panthers
19t. Eagles
19t. Steelers
21t. Dolphins
21t. Bucs
21t. Jaguars
24. Lions
25t. Cowboys
25t. Texans
27. Cardinals
28. Falcons
29. Packers
30. Colts
31. Titans
32. Saints

*h/t ilsr.org

(Featured Image Credit: TheStar.com)

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