Texans @ Chiefs: A Fantastic Week One Matchup

It is nearly here! The first game of the season and I couldn’t be more excited to finally kick off the 2020 season! The Texans start off this year heading into what is usually one of the loudest and toughest stadiums in the entire NFL. Let’s breakdown this game and see what the Texans chances are to come out on top!

Let’s start with the obvious here, the Texans most dominant weapon last year is no longer with the team as we start the year. Deandre Hopkins absence will be missed this year as Deshaun Watson’s favorite target. That’s 150 passes and 1165 yards that will need to find new homes. To replace Hopkins the Texans acquired Brandon Cooks and Randall Cobb during the offseason.

While both of these options are definitely a step down, combined they have roughly the same amount of yards as Hopkins last year. While I don’t like the receiving options near as much, I do believe that they can and will produce and give the Texans chances to win this year. Cooks has in years past been arguably the #1 received at least in talent. Though he hasn’t been the same since being dealt away from New England.

Randall Cobb… well I believe he is a #2 at best and hasn’t seen nearly a good of a career since his early years in green bay. Watson of course still has Will Fuller and Kenny Stills to throw to this year and if Fuller can be healthy I definitely think he can be a dangerous option for this offense. The best change to this offense I think definitely comes from the addition of David Johnson.

Johnson has shown the ability to be a great RB, though I believe his best skill set comes on pass catching duties. And giving Watson more targets can only boost the skill positions. Last year they were the 13th best offense averaging 362 yards a game. I actually believe they can move up a couple spots this year and be a bit more dangerous in the red zone.

The Kansas City Chiefs. Is there anything about this offense that needs be said? They are arguably one of the best offenses in football and led by one of the best QB talents we have seen in a long time. Hill, Kelsey, Mahomes, a trio you won’t keep down for long! This offense will do what it always does, press, press, press.

The only real question mark on this time is Clyde Edwards Helaire and what he will do here. This offense is still to be feared and will give the Texans defense fits. Expect them to score often and fast. They only averaged 17 more yards a game than Houston, but they often made the most of that putting up over 70 more points last year. There are fewer offenses more dangerous than this.

The Texans defense is, well it’s not what it used to be. The Texans used to have a dangerous defense, one that often times carries their sub-par offense into wins and even into a few playoff matches. The Texans defense is just not the scary defense it once was. J.J Watt is often hurt, Jonathan Joseph is 35, there just isn’t anyone that you really fear on this defense.

This defense finished in the back half of the NFL last year and outside of a few exciting young stars in Benardrick McKinney and Justin Reid I feel there isn’t much to be excited about here. I think this team will struggle against Kansas City and keeping their offense in check and off the field.

To be fair, Kansas City doesn’t have a defense you are really intimidated by either. They desperately needed to re-sign Chris Jones to help with their shoddy run defense. The run defense is easily the weakest part of this team and if Houston wants to win this game, they need to lean on David Johnson and short passes to attack the weak front of this team.

The deeper they strike, the more the Chiefs defense will pose problems. This defense isn’t a scary one and will likely finish in the back half of the league as well. But if there is a dangerous part of this defense i believe it’s definitely Tyrann Mathieu and the pass defense.

I think there is definitely a possibility that the Texans can run around the Chiefs and steal a win, but they will be hard pressed to do with the always dangerous Mahomes at the helm. Even battling some injuries the Chiefs will edge this one out 31-24.

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