Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Playoff chances

First I feel compelled to introduce myself. My name is Dre’ Kamikazi (@Kamikazi_Bomb), and I am a Baltimore Ravens fan #Truzz!!!! Making my writing debut covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, wIth @NZIProperties. Big shoutout to @lateroundcorner for this wonderfully opportunity. Originally from (Born and Raised) Baltimore but now live in Florida just outside of Tampa. I accept the challenge and hope that the content I bring is both valuable and entertaining.

Enough of about me, let’s discuss Tompa (Tampa) Bay!

First let’s start with answering the question that’s on everyone’s mind! Is Tom Brady washed? If you believe that, I have a beach house in Arizona I want to sell you. Better yet let’s answer a question with a question! Does does a 60.8% completion say washed? Maybe his 3 to 1, TD to INT ratio has you thinking that?

None the less considering his supporting cast a season ago I’d say he’s still playing just 7 see an elite level, and far from washed. Aside from Brady dragging his former team to a near perfect record, before running into my #Ravens and then dragging them to the playoffs where the eventually succumbed to a very good Tennessee Titans team (I have to say that since they eliminated my Ravens too) in the playoffs.

Brady is one of the smartest, hardest working athletes, and has an expensive body from all the time he spends on it. That’s why Brady will have a better 2020 And the Buccaneers will make the playoffs.#TruzzTheTB12Method? I’m sure Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and company will. With better targets a more aggressive offense, Brady’s number are sure to soar and the wins will total up.

Jameis Winston won them 7 with 30 INTs, Brady’s 8 should at least equal 3 more wins. But the secondary? Yes I know they secondary -on paper- looks atrocious but the front still looks ferocious and time is a luxury QBs like Mitch Trubisky, Tyrod Taylor, Derek Carr, Daniel Jones, and Jerod Goff won’t have. And you know what they say, Pressure creates sacks and sacks create turnovers.

When you look inside the division, outside of the Saints the offenses have questions defenses are either too old or too young. Buccaneers can easily win 12 games but I predict they win 10 and get in. How say you? Holler at me on twitter or in the comments below.

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