Fantasy Football: Preseason Trade Targets

Maybe you are like me and as soon as you complete your fantasy football draft you begin having second thoughts about your team. Often times for me, it’s less about who I don’t like on my team and more about players who I wish I had valued a little bit more during the draft and now I wish I had pulled the trigger and drafted them instead of hoping they’d make it back to my next pick.

Well if you are anything like me, I suggest you check out these 4 players that you should pursue as draft targets. To be clear, I am picking these 4 as they are players who I believe will only increase in value once the season begins.

1) Julian Edelman (86 ADP on ESPN)
For the record, I cannot stand the New England Patriots. But it absolutely baffles me that this guy who was a top 10 WR in 2019, is now being in the 30s when it comes to WR. Granted, he and his best friend Tom broke up and Tom moved out and landed in Tompa Bay. Yes, I know Edelman is no spring chicken. But also consider that he is a guy who excels at making tough catches(sans Super Bowl 52) and is dominant in the intermediary game.

Enter Cam Newton. Not exactly known for his accuracy, Edelman should step in as a nice security blanket for Cam. Most people aren’t going to be super excited to have Edelman on their team. They will have taken him reluctantly and will gladly offload a player from the evil empire. Take advantage of that and improve your team by acquiring him before everyone remembers how effective he is.

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2) Jordan Howard (ADP 110 on ESPN)
This one is a player that I would target if I am in a non-PPR standard league. His value is a bit less in a PPR league as Matt Breida is going to get the majority of passing targets in Miami. But if you are in a standard league he is another player that most people aren’t going to be excited about, but who if you acquire on the cheap could help you win your league. He is already on his 3rd team, but he is only 25 years old.

Would you believe that he has the 3rd most rushing yards since 2016? Well according to ESPN Stats, INC he does. That is a guy worth pursuing in standard leagues, especially since he is coming off an injury and people are not going to be high on him.

Dolphins RBs Jordan Howard, Matt Breida aim to 'shock' NFL - Miami Dolphins  Blog- ESPN

3) Dalvin Cook (Consensus Top 5 Pick)
Now this trade is one that is going to cost you. But hear me out. If you are someone who drafted 8-10/12 in your league, it is totally worth seeing if you can work out a package for Dalvin Cook. Chances are because he is injury prone the person who took him only did so because they were supposed to in the slot they landed at. I think this year more Dalvin Cook owners than not are worried about having him on their roster.

If that person is in your league, go ahead and pounce. I am all in on Dalvin Cook big time. Is there injury risk? Absolutely. But if he stays healthy he could definitely win you your league. RB’s in the Gary Kubiak offense always are fantasy studs. It’s as sure of a thing as the Browns imploding sometime in September(sorry Browns fans, until they prove me wrong I won’t say otherwise). Even if you have to overpay a little bit to get Dalvin Cook, do it, by December it very well could end up being quite the bargain.

Nobody Can Stop Dalvin Cook, and That Is a Problem for the NFC | Bleacher  Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

4) WR Sterling Shepard (ADP 104 on ESPN)
This is one of my favorite mid round players. Chances are you are in a league with someone who has him and they feel relatively ambivalent towards him. Either way, put feelers out and see if you can get him on the cheap. He is currently around WR 40 on most sites, by week 4 I expect him to be a solid WR 2 in most leagues.

This is a guy who has some injury issues so there is risk involved, but he is a guy who is the #1 WR on a team who hired Jason Garrett as their Offensive Coordinator. What is the significance of that? Well according to under Jason Garrett the Cowboys threw the ball over 60% of the time. Add to that Daniel Jones success in the 2nd half of the season and count me as someone who is targeting Sterling Shepard as a trade target going into round 1.

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So, who are your trade targets as the season gets under way? Think mine are terrible? Let me know over on twitter, or in the comments below.

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  1. Completely agree on Edelman. Will absolutely outperform ADP now that Cam is there his draft rating never got the bump when Cam came in. I would actually go the other way and try and get Breida as I think he’ll take over a bigger role later in the year. While Howard has the yards over the last few seasons, for some reason after those seasons he was on a different team. I can’t explain why, just makes me cautious.

    Keep it up!

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