NFL Week One AFC South Match-up Previews

The NFL season is finally here. With everything going on in the world it seemed as if we would never get to this point but we made it. Football will be happening this year and it is time to jump right on in. Every division has their own unique individual storylines heading into the 2020 season, but, the AFC South is certainly one of the most interesting divisions. Three teams have a serious shot to make the playoffs with the new format this season and every team will be giving it their all in every game (except for the Jaguars, yeah we all know that one).

The Houston Texans are the divisions reigning champs and always pose a threat with Deshaun Watson at the helm. The Tennessee Titans are looking to improve upon a team that went to the AFC Championship game last season. Resigning both Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry, and signing three time pro-bowler Jadeveon Clowney has certainly put them in contention to be the divisions best. It seems as if the Titans are fully locked and loaded for a Super Bowl run this season. The Indianapolis Colts finished last season on a low at 7-9 after starting the year 5-2. The Colts made some serious additions to their roster this season and boast the strongest and most complete roster in the division. The Jacsonville Jaguars have a talented young offense featuring gunslinger Gardner Mishew and talented wide out DJ Chark. However, based on all the moves made by their front office this offseason the Jaguars don’t seem to be too worried about putting out a competitive roster this season. Not many divisions can say they have three serious playoff contenders but the AFC South can.

Week One Match-ups:


This game means a lot more to Texans fans than it will to Chiefs fans. That’s because the Chiefs didn’t blow a 24-0 lead in the playoffs. It also helps that the Chiefs went on to win the Super Bowl while the Texans were forced to watch from their couch. Heading into the 2020 season the Texans have had a lot of roster turnover starting with the big trade involving DeAndre Hopkins. Trading away arguably the best receiver in the league for a second round pick and an expensive running back may not have been Bill O’Brien’s best decision as a General Manager, but in trading for Brandin Cooks he attempted to make up for it. However, the biggest issue for Cooks has always been his health and after logging a DNP on Tuesday his availability for the game has been put into question.

The Chiefs on the other hand have everyone important coming back. After reaching extensions with Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Chris Jones the Chiefs are prepped for another run at a Super Bowl. This week one match-up is a perfect example for the Chiefs to show exactly what they are made of on a national stage and put the rest of the league on notice that they are primed for another Super Bowl run.

Final Score Prediction: Chiefs 34 Texans 21


The Indianapolis Colts have the most talented roster in the AFC South and the Jaguars are actively trying to lose. The NFL is unpredictable but in cases such as these, predictions usually become much easier. Gardner Minshew may have a few tricks up his sleeve but the Jaguars don’t have enough talent around him to get the job done. Philip Rivers looks to lead the Colts and try and finally grab that elusive Super Bowl victory. This season which may be his last shot to solidify his spot in Canton and you can bet that he will be ready to go right away.

Final Score Prediction: Colts 27 Jaguars 10


The late Monday Night Football game is always tough for the away team. Playing the Broncos in Mile High Stadium certainly will make it that much more difficult. In a season where training camp, offseason workouts, and every preseason game were either limited or cancelled, week one really turns into the first opportunity to see who is in the best shape. Playing in a stadium that is 5,280 feet above isn’t a great place to find that out.

The Titans have an extremely talented roster, but so do the Broncos, unfortunately it seems the Broncos don’t have a clean bill of health on their side. An injury to Von Miller leaves the Broncos defense vulernable for this entire season but especially in week one. Bradley Chubb’s recovery time is still not set in stone and it looks as if he may miss this week one game as well. The Broncos have a fearsome duo for rushing the passer, unfortunately as of now it seems we may not get to see that duo in action this year. The Titans still have a tall task ahead of them but without the threat of Hall-of-Fame player Von Miller rushing from the edge, the Titans are able to escape mile high with their first win of the season.

Final Score Prediction: Titans 27 Broncos 20

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