Top 5 2020 Fantasy football Passing duos

A common strategy amongst top Fantasy Football players is to draft a quarterback on the same team as one of their receivers to double-up on Fantasy points when they accumulate yards and touchdowns together. I am 100% for this strategy and do my best to implement it into all of my drafts. Below I have outlined my Top 5 quarterback/receiving duos, and advice on how to get them both on your squad.

#5 Duo: Matt Ryan & Julio Jones

Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons are going to need to put up major points this season if they’re going to stay competitive in a division with the Saints and the revamped Buccaneers. In 2019, Ryan put up 4,466 yards and 26 touchdowns in 15 games. At this rate, if he plays all 16 games in 2020 we’re looking at nearly 5,000 yards and almost 30 touchdowns. I personally do not see the Falcons winning a lot of games this season, which is great for Fantasy production- when you’re down points, you throw the ball to catch up.

Julio Jones has been one of the most productive Fantasy receivers in recent years, and 2020 should be no different. Ryan connected with Jones for 99 receptions, 1,394 yards and 6 touchdowns in 2019. This duo could be higher on this list if Jones could get into the end zone more often. 8 touchdowns in 2018 and only 3 in 2017 shows a consistency of not getting into the end zone as much as he should, but the receptions and yardage is what lands them in the Top 5.

How to get them both: Julio Jones is going to need to be your 2nd round pick. He will not fall to the 3rd round, especially in PPR leagues. Matt Ryan will be relatively easy to acquire, landing between the 5th-10th quarterback taken in most leagues. Take him after Kyler Murray, Dak Prescott, and Russell Wilson go off the board.

#4 Duo: Drew Brees and Michael Thomas

Much like the Falcons, the New Orleans Saints will need to put up a lot of points in 2020 to compete in the high-powered NFC South. In just 11 games in 2019, Drew Brees threw 2,979 passing yards and 27 touchdowns. If you take these averages over 16 games, Brees is going for 4,333 yards and 39 touchdowns which would have led the NFL in 2019. Brees has a great surrounding cast and nothing but an injury will hold him back from producing in 2020.

People have different opinions on Michael Thomas and how talented he is or isn’t. Luckily for us, all that matters are the stats. Thomas broke the record for receptions in a season in 2019 with 149, accumulating 1,725 yards and 9 touchdowns. Those numbers are bonkers for PPR leagues, and looking into 2020 there is nothing to show that he can’t produce the same kinds of stats.

How to get them both: Thomas is going in the 1st round, no question. Take him. Brees seems to be very undervalued from rankings that I’ve seen. After you take Thomas, you will be able to fill your running back & receiver spots and Drew Brees will still be there. If you see a run at quarterbacks in your draft and Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, and Carson Wentz start to go, jump on Brees immediately.

#3 Duo: Kyler Murray & DeAndre Hopkins

Kyler Murray looked sharp as a rookie in 2019, but 2020 is going to be a breakout year. Last season Murray threw for 3,722 yards, 20 touchdowns and had a quarterback rating of 87.4 with an average-at-best receiving unit. Throw in his 522 rushing yards and 4 rushing touchdowns, it was a very solid fantasy season. With the addition of DeAndre Hopkins, this is now one of the most deadly offenses in the NFL. Murray is already accurate with the football, but receivers like Hopkins and Larry Fitzgerald catch everything in their vicinity. His offensive line is questionable, but luckily for Murray he is one of the most elusive quarterbacks in the league, and those rushing stats sure are nice for added fantasy points. Murray is one of the first quarterbacks going in drafts this year, and rightfully so.

DeAndre Hopkins is the new WR1 in Arizona, coming off an underwhelming 2019 season in Houston. Yes, 104 receptions, 1,165 yards, and 7 touchdowns is underwhelming for him. My prediction for Hopkins’ 2020 season in this new offense is closer to his 2018 season, where he had 115 catches, 1,572 yards and 11 touchdowns. Even when Hopkins is double-covered or triple-covered, he’s coming down with the ball if you throw it up to him. Murray and Hopkins will finish Top 5 at each their respective positions in Fantasy Football, I guarantee it.

How to get them both: Hopkins is being drafted in most leagues either in the late 1st round or early 2nd round. If you draft Hopkins, do yourself a favor and draft Murray after Lamar and Mahomes go off the board. This is going to be a deadly fantasy duo.

#2 Duo: Lamar Jackson & Mark Andrews

Unanimous NFL MVP Lamar Jackson was the highest-scoring player in Fantasy Football in 2019, and there are no signs that 2020 will be any different. Jackson threw for 3,127 yards and 36 touchdowns in 2019 while rushing for 1,206 yards and 7 touchdowns. Not that I support the “Lamar Jackson is a running back” crowd, but these stats are literally like starting a quarterback and a running back while using only 1 roster spot. This dude is a Fantasy Football points machine.

Jackson’s #1 receiver in 2019 was Mark Andrews, and looks to be shaping up that way for 2020 as well. Andrews compiled 852 receiving yards and led all tight ends with 10 touchdowns off of 64 receptions in 2019. Due to Baltimore trading away Hayden Hurst, we can only expect these numbers to go up. Andrews has proven to be a top tight end in the NFL, and just behind Kelce & Kittle in mostly everyone’s Fantasy rankings.

How to get them both: If your fantasy league is filled with people who know what they’re doing, Lamar Jackson is going to be the 1st quarterback drafted. To get him you will need to begin the run at quarterbacks. Usually after the 1st quarterback is taken, people panic and begin drafting quarterbacks. This will leave skill-position players like Andrews available for your next pick.

#1 Duo: Patrick Mahomes & Travis Kelce

Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes is regarded by most as the best quarterback in the NFL, and is poised for a strong 2020 Fantasy season. The Chiefs were able to keep all of their key pieces to this offense that is filled with weapons everywhere you look. Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, and Mecole Hardman could arguably be the best group of receivers in the NFL. While playing injured for a good portion of the 2019 season, Mahomes threw for 4,031 yards and 26 touchdowns. If he stays healthy, I project Mahomes to be closer to his 2018 MVP numbers where he threw for 5,097 yards and 50 touchdowns. The coaching and talent around Mahomes is too great to think those 2019 stats should be the norm.

Picking between Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill for this duo was a tough choice, but I am going with the consistency in Kelce. Last season Kelce led all tight ends with 97 receptions, gaining 1,229 yards and 5 touchdowns. These are monster numbers for PPR leagues. Last year’s touchdown total is low, but if this Chiefs offense can live up to their potential, which they will in 2020, I would expect that number to double.

How to get them both: This may be the toughest duo to own both on your Fantasy team, but that’s what makes them my #1 duo. Kelce is the 1st tight end drafted in the majority of leagues, so you will need to start the run at tight ends. Round 2 is where you will need to take Kelce to be sure he’s yours- if you wait until round 3 you will likely miss out on him. Lamar Jackson should be the first quarterback taken, but Mahomes comes soon after. I’ve seen Jackson go anywhere between rounds 2-5, but as soon as he goes you’ll need to jump on Mahomes.

Honorable mentions: Patrick Mahomes/Tyreek Hill, Aaron Rodgers/Devante Adams, Tom Brady/Mike Evans, Tom Brady/Chris Godwin

Sleeper Duos: Philip Rivers/T.Y. Hilton, Drew Lock/Courtland Sutton, Teddy Bridgewater/DJ Moore, Joe Burrow/Tyler Boyd

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