New York Jets: Separation is key for success in 2020

The New York Jets receivers will need to create separation for the offense to be a success in 2020 because the best way for the team to succeed is to run the passing game through the tight ends and running backs.

There’s a common phrase in football that the short passing game is an extension of the running game. If the New York Jets want to be successful, it will have to be just that. In a passing league, it’s going to be very important for all of the team’s receivers to be able to create separation and move the sticks with yards after the catch.

Last year, the Baltimore Ravens offense took the league by storm by doing exactly that. While Sam Darnold is not the running threat that Lamar Jackson is, he is a mobile quarterback and can accurately throw on the move and off platform.

However, with the wide receiver core decimated due to injuries during camp, it’s going to be crucial to get the running backs and tight ends involved early and often. Looking at Baltimore’s final regular season stats, 53.5% of the targets were to tight ends or running backs. In addition to that, 55.6% of the yards and 48.6% of the touchdowns were to those position groups. Finally, yards after catch accounted for 43.2% of the passing game.

The key is a combination of speed, power, and creating separation. According to Next Gen Stats, four of the Ravens tight ends and running backs averaged at least three yards of separation.

For the Jets offense to be successful, they will need separation to be able to create big plays in the passing game. Their best option will be the short passing game with a few shots down field. Get Le’Veon Bell, Chris Herndon , Frank Gore, Ryan Griffin, and even Trevon Wesco involved early. The short passing game will be the friend of the Jets and the offense will be successful if they can move the football effectively from it.

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