New York Jets: Picture getting clearer for offense

The picture of what the New York Jets offense will look like in 2020 is starting to become more and more clear, and fans should expect the unexpected when it comes to Adam Gase: change.

Joe Douglas only used one of the New York Jets’ draft picks on a wide receiver in 2020, and the bugaboo throughout camp — with the injuries — has been that he should’ve kept Robby Anderson, or drafted another person at that position. Maybe, just maybe, this was his plan all along. This forces Adam Gase to change.

Three of the most efficient offenses in the NFL in 2020 had tight ends as the featured receiver, and also had running backs be key players in the passing game. With offense being the name of the game in 2020, let’s take a look at three of the most efficient offenses in the NFL in 2019.

*Note: All stats from Pro Football Reference

San Francisco 49ers (NFC Champions)

When it comes to the 49ers, George Kittle lead or tied for team lead in all of the major stat categories for receivers. With the running backs, they accounted for 103 out of 457 targets. This lead the Niners to have the fifth most efficient offense scoring at a 44.3% rate.

Kansas City Chiefs (Super Bowl Champions)

For the Chiefs, Travis Kelce led the team in targets, receptions, and yards. He was also second on the team in receiving touchdowns. Running backs were also a key piece to puzzle being responsible for 110 of the team’s 558 targets. This led to being the second most efficient offense in the NFL scoring at a rate of 49.4%.

Baltimore Ravens (AFC North Champions)

In the Ravens offense, it was mostly about the tight end. Running backs only accounted for 62 of the 424 targets, but what didn’t go to running backs man times went to tight ends. Three of the top five most targeted Ravens were tight ends, and they accounted for 180 targets. Like Kelce, Mark Andrews led the Ravens in all of the major receiving stat categories.

2020 New York Jets

For the 2020 Jets to be successful, Adam Gase needs to change. That’s something many said all of last year, and Gase somewhat acknowledged it when he said he didn’t use Le’Veon Bell properly last season.

If the Jets want to be successful, we should see a lot of Ryan Griffin, Trevon Wesco, and/or Frank Gore in 2020. Wesco should flip back and forth between fullback and in-line tight end. Griffin can be the second tight end when Wesco lines up at fullback, and Gore should be in the game a lot with Bell lined up at receiver.

When it comes to the deep passing game, the Jets need to be more like the 2019 49ers in 2020. Their average depth of target, as a team, in 2019 was 6.5 yards with 6.6 yards after catch per reception.

Will Adam Gase be able to change out of his 11 personnel mind set? Time will tell on that one, but if this team wants to be successful, that’s what needs to happen.

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