Houston Texans: Bulls OR Cows in 2020

It’s nearly upon us sports fans! Just behind the horizon we will finally get back the game we love so much. Between this quarantine and chaos the last few months I don’t know if I ever thought we would get here. Let’s dive in and see where Houston stands. Will 2020 be the Run of the Bulls?

It’s believed that the Texans are actually tied for the 8th easiest schedule this year, so should we expect another 10-6 run, especially after losing nearly 1,200 yards in yards with the trading away of Deandre Hopkins? Honestly, I am skeptical at best.

Let’s be honest, few fans were happy with one of the best Wide Receivers in the game being traded away for a hefty contract and an aging David Johnson. Even with replacing Hopkins with Brandin Cooks; who didn’t even hit 600 yards in receiving last year, and the receiving work of David Johnson, I feel that the Texans will likely take a step backwards this year.

I have faith that we will continue to see Deshaun Watson evolve and show us why he is arguably a top 10 QB in this league. And the Texans defense… Well it hasn’t been quite the same in recent years.

Last year they allowed nearly 400 yards of offense per game. With arguably two of the best being an aging J.J. Watt and Whitney Merciless. We are starting to see holes in the usually stout defense. That is not a recipe for success, and is putting a lot of weight on Deshaun Watson to carry this team and lead them to a winning record. Let’s look at the how I believe the schedule will shake out this year.

The Texans have a very rough start to the season and I don’t have them winning a single game the first month of the season. Starting off against arguably the two most dangerous offenses in the league week 1 and week 2 against the Chiefs and Ravens is a tall order and an even tougher test.

Then traveling to Pittsburgh against a rejuvenated team and finally finishing at home against the Vikings is a rough start. These are tough games, and I don’t see enough edge in any of these games to give me confidence that they can squeeze out a victory. Week 5 against a bare bones Jaguars team will give them the first win of the season and some confidence in the coming weeks.

Week 6 against the Titans will be a tough battle, but I don’t have them winning on the road against them. I believe by this point in the season the hunger and need will drive them to wins. I do have them winning against the Packers at home the following week, then kicking the likely already-down-for-the count Jaguars.

The Browns are fighters and I think they will win a close one there, and unfortunately another Texans loss. Next is the ever consistent Patriots. However I think this year being what it is for them the Texans actually topple them and then edge out Detroit. Over the next 3 week is Colts, Bears and Colts again. I think they split the games with the Colts and topple a pretty rough around the edges Bears team.

Bengals… Could be an interesting game with all the changes made there. However I think Watson will lead the charge past the shiny new rookie in Burrow and beat the Bengals before they lose the final regular season game at home against the Titans who will be pushing for the playoffs. So we will likely take a few steps back and end up at 8-8 by the end of the year. I think it’s a year of managed expectations here.

David Johnson will do more then we think, Brandon Cooks and Randall Cobb won’t be able to replace Hopkins… and the defense? Well the defense will be as it is. Sub par and forcing Watson to throw lots and play catch up in those games. Now the real question, what to do with Bill O’Brien if this year turns out as mediocre as I fear?

Good luck Texans fans, let’s see where this goes!

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